Driller is a heist setup mission in Grand Theft Auto V required to do the obvious approach in The Big Score heist.


Lester will send a text message to all the protagonists, saying that the Cutter has arrived in a warehouse in East Los Santos, and that the place is full of guards. He recommends stealing the Cutter without alerting the guards.


To steal the cutter without being noticed by the guards, it is recommended to use stealth mode to knock out all the guards before entering the Cutter. If the player enters the vehicle and at least one guard is still alive, the player will be automatically detected. Weapons equipped with suppressors are also helpful, especially snipers. It is important to note that being detected does not fail the mission, it merely fails one of the gold medal objectives.

Once all of the guards are neutralized, enter the Cutter and drive it out of the yard; the protagonist will call Lester and he will direct the player to deliver the drill to a parking lot near the Union Depository. Once the Cutter is delivered the mission is complete.

Mission Objectives

  • Steal the Cutter.
  • Get the driller out of the yard.
  • Go to the parking lot.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Sneak Thief - Steal the Cutter without being detected
  • Time - Complete within 05:00
    • See the method in the video walkthrough.


  • Since this mission prominently involves stealth, it is recommend using Michael to complete it, since he is the protagonist with better stealth status and special ability. Note that, as shown in the walkthrough video, even in broad daylight it's possible for Michael to approach a guard from the front in stealth mode and still be able to attack without detection.
  • Remember to buy a Sniper Rifle with a Suppressor on it if your character doesn't already have one.
  • A silenced pistol will make the mission go a lot faster by eliminating the need to walk all the way to each guard.
  • While sneaking, it doesn't matter if they can see you. You can still walk all the way into punching distance before they say anything. If they see you sneaking with a gun however, they'll go on alert immediately.
  • There are a total of 8 guards the player will need to kill to steal the Cutter without being detected.
  • The 2 guards standing close together:
    • Michael can kill them with the same bullet while using his special ability.
    • If using Trevor or Franklin you will need to find a way to kill 2 guards with the same shot. To do so, on your way in from the Western entrance (on Popular Street), there will be a garage door on your right side. Use "take cover" against the door and move to the edge of the door frame. From there the player can kill both guards using the same shot.
    • They could be killed instantly with a Grenade Launcher, or near instantly with a short burst of automatic fire, if they're the last two guards.
  • There is roof access via ladders after entering the yard which can allow the player to shoot the guards on the far side of the lot without having to sneak over there.
  • When the player drives to the parking lot they should not steal a car in the lot, otherwise the cop that let the player in will turn and fire upon them.
  • If the player doesn't want to use a stealthy approach: To lose the cops drive to the Great Ocean Highway and complete the full circle, the player should lose the cops by the time they've completed it. However, as the police aren't generally too far behind and they don't always stop pursuit when the wanted stars disappear, they will re-engage the player if the player comes into contact with them.
  • If the player gets caught trying to steal the truck, there is a small green rubbish bin just in the little alley by the truck to its left side. Take cover behind this before the police arrive. Once the wanted level clears just get into truck with the driller and drive off with no police chase.

Video Walkthroughs


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  • If the player drives Michael's Tailgater there, and uses the method shown in the video, sometimes a copy of his Tailgater will spawn where the player left it.


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