Dream View Motel is a motel in Grand Theft Auto V.


The motel is located at the intersection of the Great Ocean Highway and Pyrite Avenue in Paleto Bay, Blaine County, opposite Clucking Bell Farms. According to the sign, the rooms include toilets, air conditioning and cable televisions.

The building boasts several palm trees and The Daily Constitional newspaper racks. Rubbish left on the ground near the stairs to the second floor includes Burger Shot bags, water bottles, eCola bottles and more. At the back of the motel is a Household Order Bin Operations dumpster. The motel is inaccessible and plays no role in the storyline.


  • A black and white-colored LCC Hexer spawns here.


  • The motel's sign is missing the letter "E" from "Dream", reading "Dram View" instead. The E can be found on the ground below, but in a different font.
  • Very rarely some members from the Lost MC have been seen there.
  • When Lester is in Paleto Bay it is likely that he stays here, as when Michael returns the fertility statue, he will spawn walking toward his car outside the motel.
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