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Dragon Brain is a fantasy film that is advertised in Grand Theft Auto IV


The movie is advertised with the tag "Dragon Brain, coming to theaters, rated G for Gibberish." It is likely to be a parody of popular fantasy film series' such as the Harry Potter film series and The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. The name could also be a parody of Dragonheart. The film's website is The film feature multiple action/fantasy cliches, including a "hero with a California accent" and a furry, talking sidekick who says one-liners during battle scenes ("Don't lose your head!").

As revealed by Lazlow on Chattersphere, there are also several Dragon Brain novels published. The movie also have its own line of breakfast cereals called Dragon Rings manufactured by Biglogs.

Radio Ad Transcript

Narrator: In an ancient land, before time or sundials, it was time for a hero. This Fall, prepare to believe all over again, once more, again. Dragon Brain - prepare to believe.

Woman: It's a time before time... Oh no, here come the fucking dragons!

Man: We need a hero, or evil will reign for 2000 generations, and a million orcs will storm these lands, and the CGI bill will be apocalyptic!

Narrator: Dragon Brain - prepare to love.

Hero: I'm only a humble blacksmith with a California accent. How can I possibly rise up and conquer evil without a montage?

Man: How indeed? Do you believe?

Hero: I believe, in the miracle of merchandising! I'll need a furry talking sidekick to spew one-liners while I chop off heads!

Sidekick: (sound of decapitation) Don't lose your head! Hehehehe!

Man: We shall spin gold out of this drivel.

Narrator: Prepare to sit through a four hour journey.

Hero: I've got a quest: I must defeat evil, and sell franchise rights to theme parks!

Woman: We're cursed! The dragons! They're flying upside down!

Man: Nooo! The CG machine is broken again!

Hero: (yelling) DRAGON BRAIN!

Narrator: The quest is yours. Dragon Brain; coming soon to a theater near you. Rated "G" for gibberish.




  • A Dragon Brain theme tune can be purchased from and used as a phone ringtone.
  • A radio advertisement for the film mentions California, which is rather strange, as San Andreas is implied to be the GTA equivalent of California. This could either mean that California is a state in the HD Universe, but it is more likely that this was a developer oversight.
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