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The Downtown Police Station is one of the four Vice City Police Department stations and one of the two in Vice City Mainland in Vice City, and is featured in both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


The Police Station is a respawn point for the player if arrested in the northern part of Mainland. It's the largest police station in Vice City and is a white V-corner form. However, the station is not accessible to the player in both games. In GTA Vice City, there's a VCPD Cruiser parked on the side of the building, and a Police Maverick sits on the helipad, which can be reached via some stairs on the east side of the building. In GTA Vice City Stories, there's an Enforcer behind the building, and a VCPD Wintergreen on the south-side. There's an AK-47 pickup just on the way to the helipad.


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