The Doppler Cinema is a movie theatre featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


It is located on Vinewood Boulevard in Downtown VinewoodLos Santos. Despite the email saying the player can now watch movies there for free, the player cannot actually watch movies there at all, as the cinema is inaccessible.

The cinema is located next to the glamourous Oriental Theater, a Blazing Tattoo shop, a souvenir shop and Vinewood's Von Crastenburg Hotel, the Doppler is contrastingly unremarkable and has obviously fallen on hard times.

It is available for purchase by Michael for $10,000,000 after the mission Nervous Ron, and generates a weekly profit of $132,200. Once bought, the player has the option to participate in side missions, including stopping an armed robbery and dropping leaflets across the city via airplane.


Welcome to the historic Doppler Cinema

Dear Mr. De Santa,

I have been the manager at the Doppler Cinema for over 7 years and I wanted to personally welcome you as our new owner. I like to say that this is the real movie business in Vinewood!

Please come in soon and catch a movie. On the house, of course!

Warm wishes,


-Cinema Doppler


Like its 3D Universe equivalent, the Legal Cinema, it is based on the Hollywood Pacific Theater at 6433 Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.



  • If purchased, the Doppler will take 76 in-game weeks (or about 18 real life days) to make a turn of the original investment.
  • The name of the Doppler Cinema is likely a reference to the Doppler effect, as evidenced by the cinema's sign, which bears a resemblance to common illustrations depicting the effect.
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