Don Cheto in real life.

Don Cheto (born 1942 in Zamora, Mexico) is a Mexican-American radio personality, musician, actor, television host, voice actor, singer and television personality who voices himself as the DJ of East Los FM 106.2 with Camilo Lara in Grand Theft Auto V.


Don Cheto, known as "the man with the big voice", is a Mexican-American actor and musician. He is the host of "El Show de Don Cheto" (The Don Cheto Show), an hour-long presenting variety of Spanish language Channel 62 in Los Angeles, and is also shown on sister stations owned by Lieberman Broadcasting.

Their music albums include "Piporreando" and "Man of the booming voice."

Relationship with the GTA saga

Don Cheto is a radio host along with DJ Camilo Lara, a.k.a. "Mexican Institute of Sound" of East Los FM that appear in Grand Theft Auto V

Also, one of his songs, "El Tatuado" (translated roughly as "The Tattooed Guy") is featured in the station's playlist.

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