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Don Cheto (portrayed by Juan Razo) is a fictional Mexican-American radio personality, musician, actor, television host, voice actor, singer and television personality widely known throughout Mexican-American pop culture. He is also one of the radio hosts along with DJ Camilo Lara, aka "Mexican Institute of Sound" of East Los FM in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

Fictional Radio Character

Don Cheto, known as "the man with the big voice", is a Mexican-American actor and musician. He is the host of "El Show de Don Cheto" (The Don Cheto Show), an hour-long presenting variety of Spanish language Channel 62} in Los Angeles, and is also shown on sister stations owned by Liberman Broadcasting. He is a 63-year-old hillbilly from the town of La Sauceda in Michoacán, Mexico, who crossed the border more than 30 years ago, speaks accented English, bickers with his daughters over their boyfriends and complains about the loss of morals.[1]

Their music albums include "Piporreando" and "Man of the booming voice."

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