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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
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Ey, partner, after all our chasing, looks like we know who's this beat leak shit. This is the hook, homie. Our time to shine. Go show this punk who we hussle in this business.
— Mission description

Don't Fuck With Dre is a VIP Contract mission featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the The Contract update.


Imani has narrowed down Johnny Guns' location to Textile City, but she cannot pin down its exact location. It is up to the player to head to the location and search for Johnny Guns there. Johnny is eventually found hiding out at the Mirror Park Railyard, but as he sees the player approach, he tears off in his Dominator GTT, leaving his hired gunmen to take care of the player.

Once the player manages to eliminate the multiple waves of enemies thrown at them, including several car loads arriving in Granger 3600LXs, Imani alerts the player that Johnny is calling for a plane to be ready for him as soon as possible and urges the player to make a run for LSIA before it is too late. On the way, Franklin advises Dr. Dre is on his way to meet them at the airport and not to put the final bullet into Johnny Guns so he can confront him himself.

At the airport, Johnny's car is found outside Devin Weston Holdings' hangar and surrounded himself with his mercenaries to hold off and eliminate the player. The front hangar doors are closed and the player must enter through the side door. After the player manages to get through Johnny's defences, including a car load that drive out of the cargo bay of the RM-10 Bombushka, they find him armed with a Pump Shotgun on a platform and incapacitates him before dragging him out of the hangar.

Outside, they are greeted by Dr. Dre surrounded by his personal guards. Dr. Dre starts by confronting Johnny about the stolen phone, to which he denies any involvement citing his “mad respect” for him, but as Dr. Dre scoffs at the hypocrisy of this statement, Johnny changes tactic and attempts to make an unconvincing mea culpa where he promises to personally track and wipe out any file. This does not appease Dr. Dre however, who tells him that there is realistically no way anyone could plug all the leaks he caused directly or indirectly. Finding himself cornered, Johnny looses his composure and claims Dr. Dre belongs on the golf course, not the streets, which makes Dre take a golf club from the back of his Baller ST and walk over to Johnny in a seemingly calm, composed manner before violently beating him with the club while hurling profanities at him. The outcome of the beating is not revealed although Dre claims that "golf does put him in a better mood" and asks the GTA Online Protagonist to drive him "home".

Now that Dr. Dre has cooled down, he claims to have lost his anger and animosity and is resigned to the fact that the damage has long been done and there is now nothing he can do about it. In the car, Dr. Dre reflects on the events and concludes that perhaps none of this would have happened if he hadn’t been hoarding his content for so long. As a first step into his new resolution, Dr. Dre presents the player with an unreleased demo and declares it a “world premiere” as he plays it on the car’s media system. The two then drive off to Pacific Bluffs Country Club where the player drops Dr. Dre at his Volatus waiting for him in the parking lot. Looking back and sharing a nod of respect with the player, Dre boards the helicopter and the player watches his pilot take off to fly him to his Galaxy Super Yacht.

The vehicle in which the player drives Dr. Dre to his helicopter will vary depending on the number of players. If there is a single player, they will drive Dr. Dre's Itali GTB Custom, if there are two or three players, they will drive the Baller ST that contained his golf bag. If there are four players, the host and two of the players will drive in the Baller ST while the remaining player drives Dr. Dre's Itali GTB Custom alone.

Mission Objectives

  • Go to Johnny Guns' last known location.
  • Find Johnny Guns.
  • Take out the hired gunmen.
  • Go to LSIA.
  • Enter the hangar via the side door.
  • Find Johnny Guns in the hangar.
  • Injure Johnny Guns.
  • Grab Johnny Guns. (host)
  • Wait for your CEO to grab Johnny Guns. (associates)
  • Take Dr. Dre to the Pacific Bluffs Country Club.




Video Walkthrough



  • Using the soda machines inside the hangar may cause the player to get stuck in place and therefore softlock the mission.
  • During the final cutscene, the Itali GTB Custom can be seen with the front right wheel turned 180 degrees, and the red paintjob on the car may sometimes be changed to orange[1].


  1. The orange car with turned wheel.