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|body_style = Propeller seaplane
|body_style = Propeller seaplane
|vehicle_class = Planes
|vehicle_class = Planes
|appearances = ''[[Grand Theft Auto V]]'' <small>(next-gen only)</small>
|appearances = ''[[Grand Theft Auto V]]'' <small>(next-gen version only)</small>
|related = [[Dodo]]<br>[[Skimmer]]<br>[[Mammatus]]}}
|related = [[Dodo]]<br>[[Skimmer]]<br>[[Mammatus]]}}

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The Dodo Seaplane is an airplane set to be added exclusively to the upcoming next-gen version of Grand Theft Auto V.

As the name implies, it is most likely a Dodo with pontoons for sea landings, much like the Skimmer.


The body of the aircraft is based on a de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver, much like the unknown high-wing plane that was found in game files (minus the pontoons).


The airplane is described as being "highly versatile", most likely for its evident ability to land both on water and, judging by wheels seen under the pontoons, also land and take off from land. The airplane also seems to be capable of carrying four passengers, seeing it has four doors with steps to them.


  • The Dodo seaplane seems to be unlocked in some sort of mission or free roam event, as stated in the Rockstar Newswire that "it may take a little firepower to get your hands on this highly versatile GTA classic."

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