Dock'u'mental is a PSP exclusive mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. It is given by Melanie Mallard to Huang Lee.


Get inside the van with Mel and head to the docks within two hours. After parking the van, the player must protect the drugs being moved by your allies from the Yardies. Grab the Body Armor near the crate, just right of the dock, then open fire on the enemies inbound from ahead. Then they'll be so pre-occupied with stopping the drugs, you can attack them from behind without fear of retaliation. With the first wave down, quickly run down the dock to intercept a second inbound via boat before they can do any harm. Now work your way back to Mel, as she's about to come under attack. When you get there, the thugs attacked Mel so you must protect her. Take them out and also, don't forget the nearby boxes can be detonated to also help clear them out. After that, defend the trucks from the remaining enemies, just focus on defending just one or two, as you can still pass even if they capture one. Then, find and check Mel if she is okay and the mission concludes.

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