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Faustin: "Calm? Why? So I can be like you, Mr. Barbiturate? Always so fucked up on painkillers you don't give a shit?"
Dimitri: "You need to calm down."
Faustin: "Where would we be now if I was calm like you?"
Dimitri: "Let me guess, in a prison camp in Siberia. Or selling hash to tourists in Red Square, or still in the Navy? Which is it today?"
Mikhail Faustin argues with his partner, Dimitri Rascalov.

Do You Have Protection? is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV, and the first mission given by Mikhail Faustin. However, the person who is assisting the player in the mission is Faustin's best friend and second-in-command of the Russian Mafia, Dimitri Rascalov. This is the mission where Dimitri introduces back-alley gun shops and organized crime to Niko.


Mikhail Faustin collects protection money from all the businesses in Hove Beach, but one porn producer (Joseph) refuses to pay Faustin. While Faustin sends Dimitri Rascalov and Niko Bellic to kill Joseph, Dimitri tells Niko it's better to keep him alive so they can collect more money from Joseph in the future, to which Niko has no objections. After beating up Joseph, shooting one of his actors in the leg and taking the money, Dimitri introduces Niko to the Underground Gun Shops and to organized crime.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission, the player must:

  • Take Dimitri to the sex shop on Delaware Avenue.
  • Enter the shop.
  • Target Joseph to intimidate him.
  • Target the guy in the middle.
  • Shoot the porn actor in the leg.
  • Follow Dimitri out of the shop.
  • Go with Dimitri to the gun store.
  • Head into the gun store.
  • Purchase a Micro-SMG.
  • Get back to Dimitri.
  • Take Dimitri to Faustin's house.


This section/page depicts all cutscenes and dialogues in the mission Do You Have Protection? in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Niko Bellic enters the mansion and is greeted by Mikhail Faustin and Dimitri Rascalov. Mikhail Faustin was mad at Dimitri Rascalov, and chases Dimitri Rascalov and Niko Bellic out of the mansion.
Dimitri Rascalov: Hey, Niko.
Niko Bellic: Hey.
Dimitri Rascalov: Come in.
Niko Bellic: Thank you.
Dimitri Rascalov: Lay off that stuff.
Mikhail Faustin: Why?
Dimitri Rascalov: Because it clouds your judgement. Not now, it's not the time.
Mikhail Faustin: My judgement. That's a good one. I'm a fool. A drunken fool.
Dimitri Rascalov: Niko's here. We're going to go take care of that guy. I take it you won't be joining us?
Mikhail Faustin: Make him suffer. People forget pain so quickly.
Dimitri Rascalov: You need to calm down with that stuff.
Mikhail Faustin: Calm? Why? So I can be like you, Mr. Barbiturate? Always so fucked up on painkillers you don't give shit?
Dimitri Rascalov: You need to calm down.
Mikhail Faustin: Where we would be now if I was calm like you?
Dimitri Rascalov: Let me guess, in a prison camp in Siberia. Or selling hash to tourists in Red Square, or still in the navy? Which is it today?
Mikhail Faustin: Be careful, Dimitri. Be fucking careful.
Dimitri Rascalov: You be careful... you're getting crazy.
Mikhail Faustin: That's the way it works. I am angry, you are calm, I scare, you reason. It works...
Dimitri Rascalov: Yes, but you've angered the wrong people.
Mikhail Faustin: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...
Dimitri Rascalov: Too many bodies, too many attention. We'll be dealt with... if we don't start playing by the rules.
Mikhail Faustin: I've angered people? Me? Not "we"? Strange. When I give out the money, it's "us". When I have to push people, it's "me". All alone. Don't think I cannot see through you. After all we've done together...
Dimitri Rascalov: You're getting delusional. Look, we have to go.
Mikhail Faustin: I fucking love you.
Dimitri Rascalov: Yes, yes.
Mikhail Faustin: I fucking love you...
Dimitri Rascalov: I know this.
Mikhail Faustin: Yeah. But you treat me like a child. I run things my way, Dimitri Rascalov. My fucking way! Get out of my sight! Or I fucking kill you!
Dimitri Rascalov: I'm not saying don't run things your way. I'm saying be calm. Here, take a couple of these...
Mikhail Faustin: What are you still doing here? I said get out of my sight!
Niko Bellic drives to the sex shop. (First Possible Dialogue)
Dimitri Rascalov: We're going to that sex shop on Hove Beach. This guy been making porno in his basement and he didn't cut Mikhail in.
Niko Bellic: Least he could have done is to send over some tapes.
Dimitri Rascalov: You know how much money there is selling this stuff online? A whole fucking heap. We're going to ignore what Mikhail said and try not to kill them. Taking a bite of this pie would be very profitable for our operation.
Niko Bellic: I've got no problems with sparing some lives.
Dimitri Rascalov: No, it's Mikhail that has the issue. Can't keep his finger off of the triggers. Wasn't always like this though. Things got to him.
Niko Bellic: I hope it don't get to me.
Niko Bellic drives to the sex shop. (Second Possible Dialogue)
Dimitri Rascalov: We're going to that sex shop on Hove Beach.
Niko Bellic: Am I helping pick out a porno for you? I think you know best what you like. Mikhail said something about men suffering. That sounds like some sick shit...
Dimitri Rascalov: Funny. That ain't it. These guys are making the shit loads of cash, and we ain't seein' any of it. Word is, they've started their own porno site as well.
Niko Bellic: You guys are getting protection money off of websites now? What, you stop them from getting viruses?
Dimitri Rascalov: Mikhail gets a taste of any money that gets made in Hove Beach. It doesn't matter that it's online.
Niko Bellic: I'll keep that in mind.
Dimitri Rascalov: Yeah, you will. Especially since you got rid of Vlad, our fucking debt collector.
Niko Bellic: Shit, well now it looks like you got me to settle your business
Niko Bellic and Dimitri Rascalov enters the sex shop, and found Joseph Kaplan filming porn videos.
Dimitri Rascalov: Where's your boss?
Shopkeeper: What do ya mean? He's uh...
Dimitri Rascalov: In the back?
Shopkeeper: No, no, no, he's...
Dimitri Rascalov: They better not be filming.
Shopkeeper: No, they just havin' a meeting. I swear...
Dimitri Rascalov: Get out of the way.
Shopkeeper: Fuck...
Joseph Kaplan: You see, they don't make 'em like that no more. That's a vintage bush. If it wasn't for that, I'd say this weren't worth transferring to DVD.
Dimitri Rascalov: Hey, Joseph! You think you can expand your business interests make these pornos and sell them,
Joseph Kaplan: Woah, woah...
Dimitri Rascalov: and we won't know about it, huh?
Joseph Kaplan: We was just waiting 'til the books was closed at the end of the financial year. Then we was gonna cut you in.
Dimitri Rascalov: Your books are closed until you pay us our cut. Niko, take this and cover Joseph.
Niko Bellic targets Joseph Kaplan.
Joseph Kaplan: We ain't making that much cash...
Dimitri Rascalov: Is that a fact? Maybe we can't pop you, Joseph. But we can fuck up one of your boys.
Niko Bellic targets and shoots Brett.
Brett: Listen, big guy. You got a great look going on, real strong. We could put you in one of our films.
Dimitri Rascalov: Shoot the scumbag in the leg.
Brett: Hey man, please? Go easy on me. Come on, big guy?
Dimitri Rascalov: Shoot him in the fucking leg, Niko. Shut this dickhead up, Niko. Come on, Niko. Put a cap in his fucking leg.
Joseph Kaplan pays Dimitri Rascalov his cut. Dimitri Rascalov pistol-whips Joseph Kaplan.
Joseph Kaplan: Alright, alright already. Brett was just trying to be friendly. Shit, he'll be outta action for a couple a weeks.
Dimitri Rascalov: You got some money for Mr. Faustin?
Joseph Kaplan: Fine, here you go. We ain't gonna have the...
Dimitri Rascalov: You should have thought of that earlier.
Niko Bellic and Dimitri Rascalov leave the sex shop.
[These dialogues will play in random]
Actor: Please don't hurt me, I'm an actor. I can't die today. I'm special. I'm really special. I can show you... I'm special, I'm gonna be a star. Don't hurt me. A big, big star! I got something special in these pants, I need to show it to the world. Don't kill me, I got a load of desperate fans on the internet.
Dimitri Rascalov: Joseph, I thought you were a better businessman than this. We go, Niko. This is a mess, let's get out of here. Fuck, why couldn't you make this easy? We're out of here, Niko.
Niko Bellic drives to a gun shop. (First Possible Dialogue)
Dimitri Rascalov: We're going to an alleyway off of Dillon Street in Schottler. I want to buy you a present.
Niko Bellic: Will you wrap it up and put a pretty bow on it?
Dimitri Rascalov: Screw you, we're seeing a friend of mine who's got a good line on weapons. It's underground. A backroom place. There are a few around the city. The Mayor has a real hard-on for gun control.
Niko Bellic: Guns don't seem that controlled. I seen plenty and I just got here.
Dimitri Rascalov: And now you'll know where to get them for yourself, what's the problem? Mikhail... I know you didn't mean it. That's alright. I didn't kill Joseph, we will make more money with him alive. Shit, Mikhail... Mikhail? Fuck! You're lucky Roman don't try to make you kill someone every two seconds.
Niko Bellic drives to a gun shop. (Second Possible Dialogue)
Dimitri Rascalov: We're going to a gun shop.
Niko Bellic: Hey, I heard about these. Big American Supermarket where you can buy any gun you want. Ammu-Nation, right? Shopping carts full of AK47s... I might buy flame-thrower.
Dimitri Rascalov: That is another part of America. Here, in Liberty City, there is no such thing as the Ammu-Nation. Buying guns is illegal. In fact, the Mayor of this city tries to shut down Ammu-Nation shop in other states. This is because guns from there have ended up on the streets here.
Niko Bellic: So, what's this gun shop?
Dimitri Rascalov: It's underground. A backroom place. There are a few around the city. Useful if you know about them.
Niko Bellic: Yeah, could be. Depends how things go for me while I'm here. I might run into someone I want to shoot.
Dimitri Rascalov: As long as that someone is not me or Mikhail, then all is good. With a gun you will stay protected, that is the important thing.
Niko Bellic: Yes, you're right. It looks like I need to protect myself and my cousin in this place.
Dimitri Rascalov: Do not fear. You no longer need to protect yourself from myself and Mikhail. We are your friends.
Niko Bellic: Great.
Niko Bellic and Dimitri Rascalov arrive at the gun shop. Niko Bellic enters the gun shop and purchase a weapon.
Dimitri Rascalov: The shop is just down that alleyway. Pick out what you like. Tell them to put it on Mr. Faustin's account.
Shop Owner: Alright, you don't look like a cop. Buy what you want.
Niko Bellic: I'll take this one. Charge Mr. Faustin.
Shop Owner: You fuckin' Ruskies are milking me dry. I ain't a cow.
Niko Bellic: I ain't Russian.
Niko Bellic drives to the mansion. (First Possible Dialogue)
Dimitri Rascalov: Drive us to Mr. Faustin's.
Niko Bellic: So, you and Mr. Faustin, have you always argued and made up like this?
Dimitri Rascalov: It wasn't always like this. Mikhail was a great man. He had a temper, but he was fair. Now, he blows his top at the slightest thing. I never know who he will shoot, who he will stab. Andrei, who you met in Mikhail's basement. He was always loyal, he was a good worker, now he is dead. I guess that that is why we need your help.
Niko Bellic: Remind Faustin of that, maybe then he will not try to kill me.
Niko Bellic drives to the mansion. (Second Possible Dialogue)
Dimitri Rascalov: How is your cousin, Roman, after the incident the other day?
Niko Bellic: Once he learns to control his bowels again he will be good. Mikhail fucked up his guts pretty bad.
Dimitri Rascalov: At least he's alive, eh? Mikhail don't always go for the gut shots.
Niko Bellic: I guess Roman's real lucky then. I wonder what big favor Faustin's gonna do for him next?
Dimitri Rascalov: You got to remember, you killed Vlad. That angered Mikhail no matter what he said. It was very difficult for me to persuade him that a man like you could be more useful to us alive than dead.
Niko Bellic: You trying to tell me I owe you my life?
Dimitri Rascalov: No, I'm not. I was trying to tell you. that I am a man who appreciates a good business venture when one comes along. Mikhail is making enemies very rapidly, a friend like you is useful. You are a man worth having on our side.
Niko Bellic: Pleased to be of use.
Niko Bellic arrive at the mansion. Dimitri Rascalov then enters the mansion.
Dimitri Rascalov: Thank you for your help, Niko. Come to see us at the club soon. Mikhail will be cool by then.
The porn shop guys were injured.
Niko Bellic arrive at the mansion. Dimitri Rascalov then enters the mansion.
Dimitri Rascalov: You need to control yourself, you could become like Mikhail.
Niko Bellic calls Mikhail Faustin.
Niko Bellic: Mr. Faustin, I got a little out of control in the shop, people were hurt.
Mikhail Faustin: This is what you are for, Bellic. To hurt people for me. But in ways that will make money. Come back to my house.
Call ends.
The gun shop owner is injured.
Niko Bellic arrive at the mansion. Dimitri Rascalov then enters the mansion.
Dimitri Rascalov: You need to control yourself, you could become like Mikhail.
Niko Bellic calls Mikhail Faustin.
Niko Bellic: Mr. Faustin, I don't think you should use that gun shop no more. I hurt the guy who works there.
Mikhail Faustin: You are the one who should be taking Dimitri's sedatives, not me. Fucking control yourself.
Call ends.
Dimitri Rascalov is left in the shop.
Niko Bellic calls Mikhail Faustin.
Niko Bellic: Faustin, things got difficult in the shop. I left Dimitri there to deal with it.
Mikhail Faustin: You're testing my patience, Bellic. Do you think that I am not to be obeyed? Come back to see me.
Call ends.
Dimitri Rascalov is dead.
Niko Bellic calls Mikhail Faustin.
Niko Bellic: I got some bad news, Mr. Faustin. Dimitri's gone.
Mikhail Faustin: Dimitri... dead? How? This is impossible. Come see me and explain.
Call ends.
Pistol ammo is wasted.
Niko Bellic calls Mikhail Faustin.
Niko Bellic: Mr. Faustin, I couldn't do what you wanted me to. I got carried away and fired all my bullets. Sorry.
Mikhail Faustin: You are testing my patience, Bellic. Do you think that I am not to be obeyed? Come back to see me.
Call ends.



Once the cutscene closes, the player should be outside with Dimitri. Get in a car with Dimitri. Drive him to the porn shop in Hove Beach. On the way, Dimitri will explain that Faustin does not receive a cut of the money of a porn video that Joseph and his buddies are working on. Faustin wants Bellic and Rascalov to take out Joseph and his buddies and steal their cut. Dimitri plans to partner with them instead.


Go down the stairs and watch the cutscene. After the cutscene, target Joseph with the new pistol Dimitri lent you. After their talk, move left and target one of Joseph's buddies. Shoot him in the leg to show Joseph that Dimitri means business. Joseph walks up to Rascalov, gives him the cut, then Dimitri knocks out Joseph.

If the player wants to do so, they can shoot the last guy that kneels on the floor and begs for forgiveness. Either way, lead Dimitri out of the shop and back into the car. Drive to the Gun Shop in Downtown Broker. Buy a Micro-SMG (or ammo if one is already held). Niko won't be charged for the purchase, it will come out of Mikhail Faustin's credit card.

Drive Dimitri back to Faustin's mansion, after dropping him off, Dimitri will tell Niko to meet him and Mikhail soon at the club.

Video Walkthrough


GTA 4 - Mission 15 - Do You Have Protection? (1080p)


  • Joseph Kaplan (optional) - Can be killed by Niko after Dimitri knocks him out.
  • Brett (optional) - Can be killed by Niko after Dimitri knocks Joseph out.
  • One of Joseph's associates (optional) - Can be killed by Niko after Dimitri knocks Joseph out.


Bugs and Glitches

  • After leaving the sex shop, if the player takes Dimitri to either one of the bridges leading to Algonquin and tries to explore it, the player will get the normal six-star wanted level, but there won’t be any police choppers that swarm. The stars will remain grayed out, even if Niko crosses paths with the police he will not be shot at. If Dimitri dies while the Wanted Level is still in effect, he will be spotted. Choppers will spawn, and the police will shoot at him. This is also an alternative way to obtain the One Man Army achievement.
    • A similar glitch will happen if Niko goes to TW@ and attempts to access An additional glitch will occur in that the player will only receive a 4-star Wanted Level instead of the usual 5-star.


  • In the first cutscene, Dimitri says to Faustin: "because it clouds your judgment" This is a reference to The Godfather: Part II. The full quote being referenced is "Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment." which was said by Michael Corleone.
  • In the cutscene, Faustin says "Don't think I cannot see through you, after all we've done together...". This can reasonably be interpreted as an allusion of things to come soon in the game.
  • Joseph's shop is open at all times, before the mission and after. It has a wide selection of magazine covers and several TV monitors, all of which have sexy images. A player character can't buy anything, but can hide from the cops at a one-star wanted level (although a cop may wander in after a few minutes). If the player attacks or threatens anyone, cops will come quickly. They will also be quick to search the shop at a wanted level of two stars or more. The dildos on the shelf inside the shop when you first enter can be freely picked up and thrown.
  • During the second alternate dialogue with Dimitri, he'll mention about Ammunation being closed in Liberty City during that time and how Julio Ochoa was trying to shut down the franchise in other cities of America.
  • Dimitri will give Niko a standard pistol in this mission, and in doing so it will replace the Combat Pistol if the player has already collected a hidden one.
  • Brett must be shot in the leg in order for the mission to progress. Shooting him in the arm will lead to a mission failure (even if the shot wasn't lethal).
  • If you walk into the person who is pleading after Dimitri leaves the shop, he will die immediately. The reason for this is unknown.
  • Dimitri instructs Niko to walk into the gun shop and purchase a Micro-SMG, and to tell the store attendant to charge it to Faustin. It shows negative money as if the gun is being charged to Niko, but his money isn't actually spent.
    • Killing the gun shop owner will lead to mission failure.
  • If Niko leaves the gun shop after purchasing the SMG and kills Dimitri and re-enters, the gun store owner will have a different voice than the one he has when he first enters the shop.
    • If the player restarts the mission after this, the cutscene and tutorial about the gun stores will not happen. Instead, the player will be able to walk right up to the gun and purchase it.
  • The mission title refers to condoms as well as being the mission that the player gets their first sub-machine gun.
  • Although Dimitri says that the player can buy anything from the gun shop, only the Micro-SMG and the armor are available to buy. It is possible that Niko was fond of the gun and bought it because he liked it.
  • If the player has obtained a Micro-SMG before buying it, they will get 200 rounds instead of 50.
  • If Dimitri dies after the gun is purchased, when the mission is restarted, the gun will still be in Niko’s weapon cache along with any of the guns ammunition that was purchased.
  • If Niko gets a Wanted Level while on foot, Dimitri will not follow Niko until it is cleared. After it is cleared the game will inform the player that Dimitri has been left behind.
  • There is a line of dialogue Joseph speaks that is usually cut off due to Dimitri knocking him out with the gun. The line is "Fine, here you go. We ain't gonna have the resources to make any more movies, but here!" The line usually cuts off after "the". Even if the line is said in full, the subtitles still shorten the sentence. Niko standing in the way of Joseph's walking path is one way to hear the full line.