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Disruption Logistics is a Dark Net network server featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Gunrunning update available only in Public Free Mode sessions.


The network serves as the primary tool for Covert Ops, to manage the gunrunning business in the player's bunker in order to generate income from arms smuggling or to upgrade weapons and weaponized vehicles. It can be accessed via a laptop located in the management area of the bunker.


The main page displays the following info:

  • Business status (Active/Suspended/Shut Down).
  • Progress bars of: Stock Level, Research Progress and Supplies Level.
  • Total Earnings.
  • Total Sales.
  • Stats regarding the resupply success rate, sell success in both Los Santos and Blaine County, units manufactured and completed Research Projects.

If the player has not set up the business, they need to select the option "Set Up" and start a resupply job. Once the set up is done, six options are available to the player:

The player can choose the "Shut Down Business" option if they do not want to manage the business anymore. However, any progress made within stock and research will be lost.


Main article: Supplies
"Welcome to SecuroServ's real-time database of vulnerable high-end vehicles across San Andreas. Hit the 'Source Vehicle' button to instantly pinpoint the location of your next golden opportunity."

Supplies are required to keep the arms manufacturing process within the Bunker running. When supplies are obtained, staff will begin to strip down the supplies obtained, and create new weapons and projects which will then be sold on. Supplies can also be used as research; research allows the player to modify new weaponized vehicles added with the Gunrunning update, such as new weaponry, exclusive liveries and bodywork modifications for these vehicles.

While stealing supplies, multiple gangs and organizations may be encountered, including:


Main article: Research

Assigned staff will use supplies to research weapon and vehicle modifications. Additional funds can also be used to complete active research projects early by selecting the Fast-track option/

Sell Stock

Sell your current stock of weapons to local buyers in Blaine County or sell further to buyers in Los Santos for a larger payment upon delivery.

Occasionally, signal jammers are activated in order to prevent emitting their locations to other players. Smaller sales can normally be completed solo by the player, but if the sale is larger, they may need more players to make use of the multiple vehicles to be able to be completed within the time limit.

Manage Staff

Staff assigned to Manufacturing use supplies to create weapons. Staff assigned to Research use supplies to unlock weapon and vehicle modifications for purchase.

This option basically changes the priority of the supplies to be used in Manufacturing, Research or an even split to Both.

Buy Upgrades

The player can purchase upgrades to the bunker, allowing for better functionality regarding equipment, staff and security.

Upgrade Image Description Price
Equipment Upgrade
Purchase this upgrade to install higher quality equipment. This will speed up your manufacturing and research times, improve the overall value of your stock and allow your supplies to stretch further. $1,155,000
Staff Upgrade
Purchase this upgrade to hire more staff. This will speed up your manufacturing and research times and improve the overall value of your stock. $598,500
Security Upgrade
Purchase this upgrade to install security personnel and surveillance equipment. This will reduce the likelihood of your stock being stolen by enemies. $351,000


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