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Discount Adventure Cruises is a cruise ship company advertised on the radio in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

The commercial invites people who can't afford regular cruises to go on a budget "luxury" cruise with a recently retired oil tanker, which comes with cots and rooms the size of closets. A "Super Discount Adventure Package" is also available for those that travel solo, which consists of a raft and a commemorative goblet to recycle bodily fluids.

Commercial transcript

  • Krista: Hello! Challenger Travel! I'm Krista can I help you?
  • Man: Yeah hello you know I was thinking about taking my wife on a cruise.
  • Krista: Um, we have some beautiful cruises starting at only $1,500.
  • Man: Hey honey, hey, you got something in the $200 range?
  • Announcer man: Taking a cruise used to be only for the wealthy, but now everyone can enjoy the romance of the high seas. If you like to travel in the slowest most monotonous way possible, crammed on a boat with 3,000 strangers, then you'll love Discount Adventure Cruises. You'll set sail in a beautiful and elegant recently retired oil tanker and sleep and live in a cozy room the size of your hall closet. Our cruises sail for days on end then stop in exciting tropical locations for six hours, where you can study the culture of an 8,000 year old civilization by buying shirts, banging hookers, catching exotic diseases and sailing out as fast as you can. Nothing is more romantic than sweating on a packed ship arguing with your loved one, then throwing up in unison when the seasickness hits. Traveling solo? Try the "Super Discount Adventure Package". It's just you, a raft, a commemorative goblet to recycle bodily fluids and the open sea. Live the excitement of exploration on a Discount Adventure Cruise.
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