Gameplay of Dirtring in GTA Vice City.

Dirtring is a checkpoint side-mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, one of the three events that takes place at Hyman Memorial Stadium.


The premise of Dirtring is for the player to reach a total of 32 checkpoints scattered around an arena-sized area containing ramps, wrecks, walls, and a dirt track using a Sanchez dirt bike; many of the checkpoints are located at places typically hard to reach using a motorbike, requiring the player perform stunts (loop-the-loops and jumps over wrecks or rings of fire) or ride along thin ledges or planks to reach a checkpoint in an elevated position.

Because there is no time limit (although the player's run is timed), the player may choose to complete the side-mission at their own pace; completion of the side-mission at any time is essential for 100% completion. If the player is dismounted from their bike, the player has 30 seconds to return to it, or the player fails the side-mission; the player may also walk to a halo in the middle of the course to end the side-quest.



If the player succeeds in reach all checkpoints in 5 minutes, the player will be awarded $50,000. If the player reaches all checkpoints from 5 to 10 minutes, he will be awarded $10,000. If the player reaches all checkpoints in more than 10 minutes, he will be awarded $5,000.


In this mission you can find some wrecks of cars and buses and some can have an accsesable interior

Many announcements can be seen in the stadium like Teddy's and Sunshine Autos and more

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