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Michael finds his inner peace.
— GTA V description on Rockstar Games Social Club
We are leaving and we are never coming back! You are alone, you pathetic psychopath!
Amanda De Santa

Did Somebody Say Yoga? is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V which protagonist Michael De Santa performs independently.


Michael comes home to watch movies while drinking and smoking, which disgusts Amanda, causing her to throw his cigar in his drink and they talk about Trevor. Fabien LaRouche soon comes in and encourages Michael to join them. Amanda protests, but Michael agrees. Together, the three move outside where Fabien leads Michael through three yoga poses. After these three, Fabien demonstrates a fourth pose with Amanda, one which looks very much like a sexual act. Enraged, Michael attempts to hit Fabien who dodges, causing Michael to fall into the pool. Amanda yells at Michael and she and Fabien leave.

Quite upset, Michael goes to find Jimmy. Jimmy is reluctant to spend time with his dad, but eventually agrees. The two drive to a Burger Shot to pick up some drugs from Jimmy's friend Ahron Ward.[1] The buy goes smoothly, but on their way back home, Michael drinks a soda which turns out to have been drugged by Jimmy. Jimmy forces his father out of the car and drives off while someone off-screen drags Michael away. Michael suffers severe hallucinations, including being surrounded by angry chimps and abducted by aliens before being dropped midair over Los Santos, resulting in a massively multicolored freefall.

When Michael finally wakes, he finds himself in only his underwear. He rushes back home, but finds that his family is not there. In the kitchen, he discovers a note from Amanda explaining that she has had enough of Michael's behavior and that she and the children have moved out. Following the mission, Michael receives a text from Jimmy, who explains he has taken $5,000 from Michael's account.

Mission Objectives

  • Complete the Warrior yoga pose.
  • Complete the Triangle yoga pose.
  • Complete the Praise the Sun yoga pose.
  • Go to Jimmy's room.
  • Go to Michael's car.
  • Go to the Burger Shot.
  • Go back to Michael's House.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Mission Time - Complete within 15:00.
    • Skip cutscenes. During Michael's freefall hallucination scene, pitch downwards to rapidly descend to the ground.
  • Warrior - Complete the first Yoga position without fault.
  • Triangle - Complete the second Yoga position without fault.
  • Praise the Sun! - Complete the third Yoga position without fault.
    • Hold onto the controls when doing poses.

After the mission

  • $5,000 will be deducted from Michael's bank account. It is recommended to invest all money in stocks before doing this mission.
    • On the PC version, the amount deducted may be $3,000.
  • Michael temporarily can no longer hang out with Amanda nor Jimmy.
    • Jimmy can still hangout with Franklin or Trevor at night.
  • The tennis court at Michael's mansion remains unavailable unless he hangs out with Trevor.
  • Michael's personal vehicle is temporarily replaced by a red Premier, due to Jimmy taking Michael's Tailgater after drugging him.
  • Michael can now perform Yoga, either at his house or at the peak of Mount Gordo.
  • Michael can call Tracey after this mission. If he does so, Tracey will express concern for Michael's welfare and tell him he needs to seek help before he ends up killing himself. Michael can call Tracey a second time, with Tracey revealing that she persuaded Amanda to leave him.
  • Trevor can call Jimmy after this mission, with him wishing Trevor was his dad.
  • Franklin can call Jimmy after this mission, with Jimmy feeling relieved that Franklin is still talking to him after he left his dad, but Franklin didn't want to get caught up in it and tells Jimmy that he's lucky to have a dad.


Lifeinvader Posts

  • Jimmy De Santa - "You'll thank me for anesthetizing you one day, I promise, I hope it gave you some perspective into how unbelievably fucked up our lives are. We all need some distance."

Bleeter Posts

  • @jennratt73 - "Just saw a middle aged guy vomiting in his underwear outside in plain view of passers by. Only in Rockford Hills."
  • @fabienlarouche - "another insecure old man with no strength in his core or balance in his chakras dont blame me if your wife is not satisfied je suis la solution et non le problème"
  • @TraceyDeSanta - "Any 1 got a couch I can crash on? My asshole dad just became 2 2 much. Arghhh!"


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  • The trip sequence references multiple Hollywood movies:
    • It resembles Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. Similar to the beginning of the trip, the movie starts with apes, which represent early humans, and ends with the protagonist going out of a spaceship into a colorful and trippy "star-gate".
    • The flying sequence may also reference the film The Big Lebowski, in which The Dude takes drugs and hallucinates that he's flying over Los Angeles at night, the city that Los Santos is based on.
    • The appearance of the aliens that abduct Michael bear similarities to the xenomorphs from the Aliens films.
      • All these references, in addition to the fact that Michael is watching a vintage movie in the initial cutscene, further emphasise his passion for cinema and how it reflects in the way he sees his life, even later influencing some of the heists he plans.
  • The check list at the end of the mission features the line "Praise the Sun!". This is a reference to Dark Souls, a fantasy RPG, which features this line which has since attained meme-like popularity among Dark Souls fans.
  • The drink that causes Michael's hallucinogenic episode is most likely laced with ketamine, as Jimmy makes a passing reference to the drug's continued use in veterinary practice and ketamine is the most commonly abused hallucinogenic substance available on the black market that fits this description; PCP, another popular hallucinogen, has not been available for veterinary purposes in the US since 1978.
  • The drug effect's name in the files suggests that Michael took DMT. ("DMT_flight_intro", "DMT_flight")
  • In the beta, Amanda was wearing a bath robe at the beginning of the mission.
  • The song played during the 'Trip Scene' is C90's "Shine a Light (Flight Facilities Remix)". This song is featured on Radio Mirror Park, albeit it plays very rarely.
  • It is possible to keep either Amanda's Sentinel or Tracey's Issi by taking one of them before starting the mission and then driving in that vehicle to the mission marker. After the player has completed the mission, the Sentinel or Issi should be parked outside.
  • The mission is named after Fabien's introductory phrase "Did somebody say yoga?". These are also the first words that Trevor greets Michael with after not seeing him for nearly a decade during Fame or Shame.
  • The screenshot on the Rockstar Social Club shows Michael wearing white cargo shorts.
  • Sometimes, if Michael fails a yoga session, Amanda will say that Michael was an athlete once.
  • After this mission, the scene where Michael wakes up wearing only his underwear becomes his switch cutscene when he is at his house when switching to him. He will eventually change to his suit afterwards before taking control of him.
  • No matter which direction the player sends Michael in during his hallucination, he will always wake up in Rockford Hills.
  • If Jimmy is sitting on the couch when the mission starts, he will be both there and in his room when Michael comes to fetch him. Jimmy will even remain on the couch when Michael comes back to the 'empty' house. He will only disappear if Michael sits down after the mission ends.
  • During the "Trip Scene", should Michael "fly" over restricted airspace, the world will react as if he has a five-star wanted level.
  • During the part of the mission where Michael falls, voice clips from other characters, including Michael, Franklin, Amanda, Jimmy, Tracey and Isiah Friedlander can be heard.
    • Dr Friedlander can be heard saying "What do you want, Michael?", however, this voiceline by Friedlander was not heard by Michael until their final therapy session in Abandonment Issues, which took place long after this mission, towards the end of the game.
  • The show that Michael was watching was originally from L.A. Noire, a game published by Rockstar Games.


  1. Name revealed in some Lifeinvader posts