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We got intel on a shipment of diamonds moving through Paleto Bay. Ron's been looking for some rocks to focus a Lazer he's building to shoot down alien crafts, we could also just sell 'em. Either way, they're very important for the future of TP Inc. We'll pay well and fairly. There's a boat at the Paleto jetty you can use to get away.
— Description

Diamonds are for Trevor is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the player by Trevor Philips.


Trevor informs the team that a shipment of diamonds is moving through Paleto Bay and the diamonds would be important to the Trevor Philips Enterprises. The diamonds are situated behind few at a Paleto Bay. Merryweather Security will be protecting it, all armed with Advanced Rifles, so the team needs to eliminate the heavily armed members to get the diamonds. Afterwards, the team needs to deliver the diamonds, being tasked to use a boat, they will have to sail all the way to North Chumash to the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. A few moments after the boat starts moving, Trevor texts the team, telling them to bring the boat back intact, and informing the oncoming Merryweather resistance - one Maverick loaded with four enemies, and several Dinghies with two enemies each, not to mention the enemies on the land as well. Despite the resistance, the team successfully defeat or avoid all the enemies, before delivering the boat and the diamonds to the drop-off.

Mission objectives

  • Steal the diamonds.
  • Take the diamonds to the jetty.
  • Get in the boat.
  • Take the boat to the drop off.

Video walkthrough