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*Hey man. It's the king.
*Hey man. It's the king.
*I told ya he was alive!
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*Aw shit!
*Aw shit!
*I told ya he was alive!
*What the f...
*What the f...
*Hey, watch it buddy!
*Hey, watch it buddy!
*He's got a gun!
===Elvis impersonator===
===Elvis impersonator===
*Slam baby.
*Thank you very much.
*Step on.
*Step on.
*A hunk, a hunk of burning love.
*A hunk, a hunk of burning love.
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*Hold it!
*Hold it!
*I said hold it asshole!
*I said hold it asshole!
*He's got a gun!

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This page lists all announcer, pedestrianlaw enforcement and criminal dialogue in Grand Theft Auto 2.



  • And remember, respect is everything!
  • Damnation! No donation, no salvation.
  • Hallelujah! Another soul saved.
  • Busted!
  • Wasted!
  • Toasted!
  • Shocking!


  • Accuracy bonus!
  • Back to front bonus!
  • Car jacka!
  • Cop bribe.
  • Cop killa!
  • Choctastic!
  • Crispy critter!
  • Damn sunday drivers!
  • Death to ice-cream vans!
  • Double damage.
  • Eat leaden death, punk! [sic]
  • Elvis has left the building!
  • Expeditious execution!
  • Fast reload.
  • Genocide!
  • Grand theft auto!
  • Great! 120 people down! Multiplier times 5!
  • Hey! 30 people down! Multiplier times 2!
  • Insane stunt bonus!
  • Nice! 90 people down! Multiplier times 4!
  • Ooh... 60 people down! Multiplier times 3!
  • Ooh... Did that hurt?
  • Outstanding! 150 people down! Multiplier times 6!
  • Raspberry ripple!
  • Sorry about that!
  • Suck it and see!
  • Taste my wrath, ice-cream boy!
  • That's gotta hurt!
  • You shot your load!
  • You're toast buddy!
  • You're time is extended!
  • Wipeout!
  • Xin loi, my man!


These dialogues are present in the game files. Though they are not used in the actual game.

  • Bomb armed!
  • Frying tonight!
  • Mmm... Somethin's cookin! [sic]



  • Hey
  • Hey, I'm walking here!
  • Oh my god!
  • Taxi!
  • Asshole!
  • Help! Somebody!
  • Help!
  • Police! Help!
  • Somebody help!
  • Help! Somebody help!
  • Huh?
  • Hey man. It's the king.
  • I told ya he was alive!
  • Jerkoff.
  • Jesus!
  • I'm gonna kick your ass!
  • Crazy maniac.
  • Maniac!
  • Aw shit!
  • What the f...
  • Hey, watch it buddy!
  • He's got a gun!

Elvis impersonator

  • Slam baby.
  • Yeah.
  • Thank you very much.
  • Step on.
  • A hunk, a hunk of burning love.


  • Freeze!
  • I said freeze asshole!
  • Hold it!
  • I said hold it asshole!



  • Gimmie your wallet!
  • Gimmie your wallet punk!
  • Gimmie all your money!


  • Get out of my car asshole!
  • Get out of my car man!
  • Get outta the car man!
  • Get out of the car asshole.
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