You may be looking for Derrick McReary, a main character in GTA IV.

Derrick is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V, that appears in the mission "Cut You In" of the Private Taxi Fare side missions.


Derrick lives in Liberty City with his wife and kids. He says that he has an unhappy life and his family doesn't care about him, and because of this, he decided to go back to his life as a robber, after six years away from the "game". He has been pulling robberies in different cities and moving to place to place, always without making ties to anyone, trying to be the "mysterious man in the night" as he said. Despite this, he is still a little rusty, with can be proved by activating the alarm in the jewelry robbery and accidentally revealing his true name to Franklin.

Events of GTA V

The manager says that Derrick had just arrived in town and will be waiting for Franklin in front of the Los Santos Airport. Derrick then asks Franklin to take him to the Little Gems Jewelry store in Atlee Street.

Along the way, Derrick reveals that he is a professional robber and is planning to rob the jewelry store, and he needs Franklin to be his getaway driver in this job. Franklin is a little skeptical at first, afraid that they might be caught, but Derrick says that he knows what he is doing and had everything planned. Franklin ends up accepting his offer.

Franklin parks the car in an alley near the jewelry store and Derrick goes rob the place. The alarm is activated and Derrick runs away from the store, even dropping a grenade while escaping. The player obtains a two star wanted level and now needs to escape the cops. After getting rid of them, Derrick will ask Franklin to take him back to the airport.

After reaching the airport, Derrick gives a part of the score to Franklin and thanks him for his help, saying that he has potential as a getaway driver.


  • Derrick is a lot similar to Michael, both have a family that hate them, and both decided to go back to their prior life as a robber, after many years away from it, to escape their unhappy life. Even Franklin will notice the similarities.
    • His appearance and the fact that he is a robber that lives in Liberty City, also makes him similar to Packie McReary. He also shares his name with Packie's brother, Derrick.
  • If Franklin attains a wanted level while still near Derrick after dropping him off at the airport, Derrick will cry out in despair "No! I was so close!" before attempting to flee.


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