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Derelict Motel GTAV Front view Sandy Shores

The Derelict Motel (sometimes referred to as Abandoned Motel or Office Motel) is a non-operational motel in Grand Theft Auto V that is located on Algonquin Boulevard, Sandy Shores, Blaine County


An abandoned business in Sandy Shores, the unnamed motel occupies a large triangular corner site bordered by Algonquin Boulevard to the north, Panorama Drive to the east and Joshua Road to the southwest. Four double-storey blocks of units (two adjoined blocks of two) form an L-Shape with a courtyard containing the remains of a swimming pool, tennis court and another non-specific outbuilding (possibly a recreation room). A single-level building is appended to the northwest end of the blocks of units and is likely where the Motel's office was located, as indicated by a large sign on the roof. Due to its abandoned nature, the motel is in ruins, with collapsed and cracked walls and sections of the roof and tagging prevalent throughout.

Several shipping containers and vehicle carcases (bus and van) litter the street frontage and broken corrugated iron fencing surrounds the carparking areas on the north and east sides. Outside of mission appearances, it is usually occupied by homeless vagrants who sleep there.

Signage at the front indicates the motel offered Free Cable TV from $20 a night.


This motel is an exact replica of the North Shore Motel located near the Salton Sea (which the Alamo Sea is based on), which can be seen in this photo. However, although the game is set in 2013, the real motel was demolished in 2008.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V/Online

Prior to the story mode appearance, the site is occupied by The Lost MC who are operating a brothel and the online player is instructed by Martin Madrazo to clean it out and rescue the prostitute in Cleaning the Cat House, however since earlier on the site is being used by a group of Ballas including Terrance, who is on a list of targets Gerald has requested the player kills in Hit 'Em Up, it can be assumed that the site is not permanently occupied by any faction. In a Gang Attack, the player encounters The Lost MC at the site.

By the time of the events of GTA V, the building appears unoccupied, at least there is no apparent The Lost presence. In the Strangers and Freaks mission Target Practice, Trevor Philips and Cletus Ewing use the building to shoot at the tyres of passing cars and then coyotes from the rooftop.

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