"I don't care if they surrender. I'm killin' me some bad guys."
―Grimes in The Paleto Score

The LSSD Deputy Grimes is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.


Deputy Grimes is a County Sheriff Deputy stationed at Paleto Bay. He can be found patrolling the highway and also appears in The Paleto Score when he has his only spoken lines: "I don't care if they surrender, I'm killin' me some bad guys." He can be killed in the gunfight as the protagonists escape the bank but this is not required for completion of the job.

Whether he is killed in the Paleto Score or not, random NPC models will continue to spawn with the Grimes name badge at the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office.

Mission Appearances



  • His name and status as an officer of the law may be a reference to Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead, although physically he looks similar to another Walking Dead character, Shane Walsh, who is also a police officer. This link is further confirmed by his fellow named deputy having the name Kirkman, after the writer of The Walking Dead.