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The Feds must have got a bump in funding, 'cause the streets are filled with surveillance trucks today. I can't operate with these a-holes s-ing on my civil liberties. Take out the trucks before I'm out of business, and I'll throw you a bone. I got some sticky bombs at my warehouse if you need them.
— Description

Denial of Service is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the player by Lester Crest. It is available from 1 to 4 players.


The team must destroy four surveillance trucks, which are all located in various parts of Los Santos before they manage to surveil Lester. The team has 10 real-time minutes to accomplish this.

Lester has left Sticky Bombs at his warehouse for the team to use, and from there the team must head out and destroy the trucks. A Dominator always spawns at Lester's warehouse as a means of transportation.

Two trucks are driving around Los Santos, one is parked at the warehouse on Innocence Boulevard (guarded by security guards, and the other two are at a gas station on Ginger Street and Lindsay Circus, respectively. Once a truck is destroyed, the player who destroyed it may receive a one star Wanted Level.

Once all four trucks have been destroyed, the timer vanishes and a fifth truck will appear on the map and Lester will send the players a text, telling them to destroy the last truck and bring him back a piece of surveillance equipment it drops. The equipment will be dropped from the last truck if both of its occupants are killed. However it cannot be picked up until the truck is destroyed. Once the equipment is retrieved, the players must then lose any wanted level they may have and deliver the equipment to Lester's warehouse.

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