The Del Perro Police Station is a station of the Los Santos Police Department in Grand Theft Auto V.


It is, hence the name, located on the Del Perro Pier in Del PerroLos Santos and is operated by the Los Santos Police Department. This is the smallest police station in the game, along with the Vespucci Beach Police Station

The station is noticeable with a large blue circular sign standing on a large pole on the corner of the station. The station itself is a small "hut" with a mobile generator at the back of the lot. A flag on top of the pole features the Los Santos seal, as well as the Los Santos Police badge and the LSPD motto, "Obey & Survive". A blue hut attached to the side of the building has "Police parking" signage as well as CCTV operation signs. LS24 news stands are found outside the station along with two wooden palette boxes.

Pedestrians can be found stood outside the station during the day, drinking and interacting with cell phones. A Police Cruiser may spawn parked outside the station randomly.

The station plays no role in the storyline and cannot be accessed. The player will not respawn outside of the station when they are busted.

The station appears to be based on the real life Santa Monica Harbor Police Station located in Santa Monica, Los Angeles.


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