"When you're on the run from the Lost, it's probably a good idea to avoid trapping yourself at the end of a pier. But, hindsight is a wonderful thing; for now, all you can do is hope to survive long enough to learn the lesson. Be prepared for multiple ambushes that escalate in severity with each wave of attack."

Del Perro Pier Survival is a Survival job in Grand Theft Auto Online added as part of the Beach Bum Content Update, released on November 19, 2013.


The survival is centered on the Pleasure Pier amusement park on Del Perro Pier. Standard Survival rules apply. Cover is available in the toilets and there are soda vending machines operational for health replenishment during the waves. The enemies are The Lost MC.


  • Like all survival maps, if in a team, players should stick together. Enemies are programmed to spawn away from players and will, especially on this map, spawn in positions to flank players easily. If together, they will spawn on the opposite side of the map.
  • Using the south side of the map, players can take cover behind the fence which separates the walkway from the fairground rides area. Enemies will bottleneck through the fairground, making them easy to pick off.
  • The toilets to the west of this position can be used as cover during the helicopter rounds.
  • Despite the dead-end, enemy vehicles will approach from the ocean end of the pier during the waves that spawn enemy vehicles.
  • Players should be mindful about the walkways either side of the pier. Enemies may flank if players are careless.
  • Going on top of the various buildings or diving off the pier into the water will trigger the out-of-bounds timer.



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