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Del Perro Beach is a large beach located in Del Perro, Los Santos, that appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


Del Perro Beach is found northwest of Vespucci Beach. The Del Perro Pier acts as a barrier to separate Del Perro Beach and Vespucci Beach.

Del Perro Beach, unlike the neighbouring Vespucci Beach, is much less crowded and active. As a result, there are fewer lifeguard posts scattered throughout the beach. the beach could be described as a peaceful attraction and the type of beach that people take a walk on with their dogs instead of sunbathing. At night, the beach will be almost completely empty, except for some partygoers gathered around fires.

In the car park north of the beach, a Dukes and a modified Surfer will commonly spawn in the enhanced version. The owner of the Surfer will nearly always own a dog. This can be used as a reliable spawn location for dogs that the player needs to take a picture of for the Wildlife Photography Challenge.

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