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For the helicopter in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, see Defender.

These Merryweather, they kill who they please. Life and death - the ultimate deregulation. Someone has contracted them to go after an associate of mine. He needs to get back to Mexico where there are laws against this madness. Pick him up at the airport and travel with him to the desert airfield where we have a plane waiting. There's some aid at my lockup if you need it.
— Description

Defender is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online, given to the player by Martin Madrazo. It is available for up to two players.


Madrazo notifies the player that one of his associates has been targeted by Merryweather Security Consulting following a bounty placed on his associate by an unnamed party. Madrazo is attempting to get him over the border to Mexico where the government does not advocate private militias - but there is a lot of Merryweather soldiers between Los Santos and his plane to freedom. The player(s) must protect the contact by using Buzzard Attack Choppers which are provided by Martin at his at lock-up (or the player's own armed helicopter called in via Pegasus) from a rendezvous at Los Santos International Airport until he reaches Sandy Shores Airfield, while neutralizing both air and (optional) ground units.

Mission objectives

  • Get in a helicopter.
  • Meet Madrazo's contact at the airport.
  • Escort the contact to Sandy Shores airfield.

Video walkthrough


  • This mission will always take place at night no matter what time of the day it is initiated.
  • Though a Buzzard is recommended and provided for the mission, if the player owns a Savage or Hydra, they can call it in via Pegasus and use it during the mission.
  • Madrazo's contact uses the same model as The Professionals.
  • Despite Merryweather being set as the enemies in the description, the spawning NPCs are distinctly from the Lost MC.