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Deer are animal species that are featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


They can usually be found in the forested areas of Blaine County, but can also be spotted in all rural areas, with the exception being the Grand Senora Desert. Deer are one of the animal species that can be hunted by Trevor Philips.

The particular deer/elk found in the game resemble White-tailed deer, a common deer species all across the USA and into much of Canada

In the game, both bucks (male deer) and does' (female deer) spawn. Male deer can be recognized by their large antlers on their head. Female deer are generally smaller in size. The player can hunt and kill both of them, although Cletus advises against killing does.


Just like in real life, deer/elk are not tame and will run away from the player if they get too close to them. Deer/elk can usually be found grazing in fields or at the edges of roads, where they will be scared away if a car passes them by. Deer will never attack the player under any circumstances. Sometimes they will run in front of the player's and NPC vehicles and are often turned into road kill if the driver is going fast. 



  • Deer/elk first appeared in the gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto V.
  • Grand Theft Auto V features both genders, however both make the elk "bugle" sound as a response to Trevor using his diaphram call. This is most likely a developer oversight.
  • Although the deer in-game are called Elk, they are in fact identical in appearance to White-tailed deer.
    • Despite the deer actually being called "elk" ingame, they are referred to as Bulls and Does, which is incorrect, as if they were real elk they would be Bulls and Cows, or if they were real White-tailed deer they would be called Bucks and Does.
  • While playing as Trevor, if the player runs over a Deer Trevor will say "Deer, dear deer", in which case, dear is a pun with deer, since both words are talked in the same way.
  • The deer is the fastest land animal in Grand Theft Auto V.


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