Deep Inside (Film) GTAV Set Signage

Deep Inside is an upcoming espionage thriller being filmed on Stage 15 in Backlot City, Los Santos during the events of Grand Theft Auto V.


The film is being produced by Richards Majestic Productions in 2013. It is being directed by Anton Beaudelaire and the main role is being played by Brandon Roberts.

The outdoor set on Stage 15 in Backlot City is of a European town and is signposted as the set for Deep Inside.

Greenscreen can be seen at the back of the set, presumably to allow digital removal of the Los Santos skyline from the background.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

"In the most audacious piece of action drama to grace the Richards Majestic movie lot in many a year, a car custom-modified for upcoming spy thriller 'Deep Inside' was stolen from under the nose of director Anton Beaudelaire during filming. Mr Beaudelaire is in the middle of a two picture deal with the studio and is dividing his time between "Deep Inside' and 'Meltdown'. The LSPD and Richards Majestic are yet to release an official statement but reports indicate injuries, and possible casualties, but these are still unconfirmed. The loss of the car, worth millions of dollars, comes as another blow to Solomon Richards who has already been forced to drastically slash the budget on both "Deep Inside' and his financial crisis epic 'Meltdown'."
Daily Globe Newspaper

Franklin Clinton disrupts the production when he steals the Dewbauchee JB 700 from the set for Devin Weston during the Deep Inside mission.

After the conclusion of the storyline, depending on the ending selected, Michael De Santa can be found on set when the player switches to him, sometimes talking to Jimmy De Santa.


The film is a parody of the James Bond series. More specifically the film may be based on Goldfinger or Skyfall, as during those films Bond drives an Aston Martin DB5, the vehicle the JB 700 is based on.



  • The name "Deep Inside" is highly suggestive and another one of many Rockstar's sexual jokes.
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