"I've got a career! I don't need this... this... crap!"
― Debra

Debra is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.



Debra is Floyd Hebert's fiancée. She is a lawyer who frequently travels abroad and thus, has a rather strained relationship with Floyd. She also appears to be cheating on him with an associate named Bob.

Events of GTA V

Her apartment is later inhabited by Floyd's cousin, Wade, and his friend, Trevor Philips, who both trash the apartment, much to Floyd's chagrin.

When Debra meets Trevor, she tries to make him leave, but then she gets angrier and threatens both him and Floyd with a pistol. Floyd becomes angry and begins waving a knife around. The screen fades to black and after an indeterminate period, Trevor leaves the condo covered in blood.

A news report heard on the radio states that a man was found shot in the head and a woman stabbed to death.

Mission Appearences




  • Debra, like her boyfriend, does not use swear words often. She was pushed over the edge by Trevor.
  • Debra possibly works at the Puerto Del Sol Yacht Club. A Bleeter account called @Debra_PuertoDelSol with a user picture with the company name, writes bleets about the importance of sacrifices for job and escaping for work when it's too boring at home.
  • In her portrait hung in the apartment, Debra is wearing glasses, but in Hang Ten, she is not wearing them. It's possible that it's an old picture of Debra or she's wearing contact lenses when she encounters Trevor. It also might be her beta appearance.