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Debbie is a character in Grand Theft Auto Online, introduced in the The Diamond Casino & Resort update as a minor character. She is the assistant of Agatha Baker.


Similarly to the CEO Assistant, she will react negatively if the players walks against her.

Events of GTA Online

The Diamond Casino & Resort

Debbie welcomes the player to Ms. Baker's office during the first casino mission, Casino - Loose Cheng. In Casino - Strong Arm Tactics, Ms. Baker requests an unseen Debbie over the phone to prepare two cars in front of the casino.

The Diamond Casino Heist

During The Big Con approach with Yung Ancenstor's disguise chosen, Debbie will make an appearance. She tries to persuades Yung Ancestor and Brucie Kibbutz that there's nothing interesting to see in Ms. Agatha's office, but the VIP guest is determined to get through and asks her to tell Thornton Duggan that they want to talk to him. Debbie then walks into Ms. Agatha's office to make the call, but when she walks out, Brucie has been shot in the leg in which he claimed he shot himself, causing her to panic and helps him up to his feet to go see a doctor, giving the crew a chance to snatch a keycard on her desk to get through to the Staff Lobby.


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