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There goes my careful planning blown to shit, thanks to you! You screwed up real good, Lance!
Tommy Vercetti

Death Row is the only mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Malibu Club member Kent Paul.


Tommy arrives at the Malibu Club and Kent Paul approaches him. Paul informs Tommy that Lance Vance tried to attack Ricardo Diaz but failed, and Diaz's men are now holding him hostage at the Junkyard. Tommy leaves the club and drives across town to the junkyard where he finds it heavily guarded by Diaz's goons.

Tommy fights his way to a storage hangar at the rear of the junkyard where he finds a heavily injured, but still lingering, Lance. Tommy berates Lance for his actions as it has "blown all [his] careful planning to shit", but Lance reveals he was attempting to get revenge for Diaz ordering his brother's death. Tommy decides they must now kill Diaz before he has a chance to kill them, and agrees to drive Lance to the hospital.

Tommy then escapes with Lance. When the duo leave the junkyard they are chased by more of Diaz's men. Tommy manages to evade them and takes Lance to the Schuman Health Care Center Downtown. Tommy tells Lance to meet him by the bridge to Starfish Island once he has recovered.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Lance is being held at the junk yard. Go and rescue him!
  • Diaz's guys are after you! Get Lance to the hospital.


Malibu Club. Tommy Vercetti enters the club as Kent Paul walks up to him.
Paul: Awright mush, I'm gonna save your Vera, mate.
Tommy: What the hell are you talking about?
Paul: You know that wanker Diaz, the Bugle Master. He's got your boy Lance. Word is your mate tried to jump him... didn't jump high enough if you know what I mean.
Tommy grabs Paul by the collar and shoves him up against a guard rail.
Tommy: Where did he take him? In plain English?
Paul: Keep your barnet on! They got him across town at the junkyard. (Tommy lets go of Paul's collar and leaves the club) Bloody hell... you nutter!
Tommy drives to the junkyard in Little Haiti. He fights his way in, killing several of Diaz's hitmen before finding an injured Lance tied up in a storage shed at the far end of the junkyard. He unties Lance.
Tommy: There goes my careful planning blown to shit, thanks to you. You screwed up real good Lance.
Lance: He killed my brother. What do you expect me to do, mow his lawns?
Tommy: We're gonna have to take out that prick Diaz before he takes us out. You ok to use a gun?
Lance: Sure...I guess...Nice to see you, too.
Tommy: Let's get out of here.
Tommy and Lance steal a Sentinel and drive out of the junkyard. Once they leave, they are chased by several of Diaz's men. Tommy manages to evade them and drives Lance to the Schuman Health Care Center in Downtown.
Tommy: Get patched up and meet me on the bridge to Star Island, ok?
Lance: Ok, I got you.
Lance enters the hospital and Tommy drives off.

Post mission phone call

Colonel Juan Cortez: Tommy, Thomas it's Cortez. Look, the French are giving me all kinds of trouble, amigo. Damn hyprocrites. They spend a hundred years stealing from poor countries and they call me a thief! I am going to need your help as soon as possible, amigo. So please hurry, Tommy, I need you, all right? I hate the damn French.



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  • The song that can be heard playing in the background during the opening cutscene is "All Night Long" by The Mary Jane Girls. The song is also featured on the in-game radio station Fever 105. The song isn't played inside the Malibu Club during normal gameplay, however.
  • During this mission, Tommy refers to Starfish Island as "Star Island", which is the only time in the game that Starfish Island is referred to by this name. Originally, in the beta version of GTA Vice City, Starfish Island was called "Star Island".
  • If there are still goons in sight when the duo arrived at the hospital, they will drive away after completion.
  • There is no monetary rewards in this mission. However, Ricardo's goons surrounding the junk yard drop large amounts of cash when killed. This can be collected if the player has enough time and can be considered as a reward for this mission.