"There's a car stuffed with a stiff at the café near Callahan Point. One of the Forellis thought he was a wise guy, so he got what he had coming to him. Take the car to the crusher in Harwood, alright?"
Joey Leone

Dead Skunk in the Trunk is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III given to Claude by Joey Leone from his garage in Trenton, Portland, Liberty City.


Claude drops by Joey's auto shop, as previously instructed by Joey Leone. Joey wants Claude to dispose of a Forelli gang member's corpse, which is in the trunk of a Manana at Greasy Joe's Café in Callahan Point.

Upon entry into the car, Claude is ambushed by the Forelli Brothers in two Sentinel cars (one in the Cafe's parking lot, and another across the road to the south). With the two cars in pursuit, the player must successfully bring the Manana to Harwood and have it crushed, body and evidence, at the crusher in the Harwood Autocrusher and Junkyard.

Alternatively, the player may destroy the Forellis' cars before entering the Manana, provided they have the firepower to do so as they both turn hostile the moment they are attacked or if the player tries to open their car doors. Doing so will make the drive to the Harwood crusher far easier.

The corpse-carrying Manana can be taken back to the player's safehouse and blown up in the garage. While this will fail the mission, after the garage closes and re-opens, this unique Manana can be saved and kept.



Claude enters Joey's Garage.
Joey Leone: Beautiful! Just beautiful. Alright, Just the guy I need to talk to! Alright, there's a car stuffed with a stiff at the cafe near Callahan Point. One of the Forellis thought he was a wise guy, so he got what he had coming to him. Take the corpse to the crusher in Harwood, alright?
Claude takes the car and crushes it.


The reward for completing the mission is $10,000. A bonus of $5,000 is awarded immediately for each Forelli car destroyed, and it is possible to keep failing and repeating this mission, to go after the Forellis and continually accumulate these bonuses. The mission The Getaway is also unlocked.



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  • The trunk has visible blood stains and, If the car is damaged and the trunk is torn, it is possible to find a corpse in a fetal position inside. Apart from that, this specific Manana has a different horn sound than the default one. This is because it's set to be a different car in the game files and shares a different ID.
  • It is possible to save this unique Manana in the garage. A video of this can be seen here.
  • The difficulty of this mission lies on the Manana car being one of the slowest while the Sentinel cars being one of the fastest in the game.
  • The Forelli's body has the same character model and dialogues as a Leone Family member in Saint Marks.
  • The Manana will always be default gray. This is so because a spawned red Manana will make it hard to see the red bloodstains, and as mentioned above, it is set in the files to be another car.
  • The objective of this mission is similar to that of Last Requests, although Last Requests is a set up.
  • Destroying both Forelli Sentinels gives $5,000-$10,000 for each vehicle.
  • For some reason, in the mobile version of the game, flipping the Manana for whatever reason will fail the mission, however in very rare occasions, there is a chance that the car will revert back to its right position without incinerating itself after the "MISSION FAILED" sign, thus disabling the method of destroying it in a garage. If the player wants to save it, they must tap "NO" in order not to replay the mission instantly, and then drive to a garage (But be sure not to damage the Manana too much on the way). This glitch only happens in the iOS port, it is still unconfirmed in the Android port.
  • The name of the mission is a possible reference to the movie Goodfellas, which involved the protagonist, Henry Hill and his fellow Mafia members, exhuming the decomposing corpse of made man Billy Batts and transporting it in the trunk of Henry's car. Henry claimed to have accidentally hit and killed a skunk when he was asked about the stench in the trunk by his family. Billy Batts was played by Frank Vincent, who voiced Joey's father, Salvatore Leone.
    • Mafia II also has a mission similar to this mission, where the player have to take a wanted taxi with a corpse in the trunk to a junkyard and crash it. If the taxi is spotted by police, the player will immediately attain a 2-star wanted level and need to lose police before get the junkyard.


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