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You wish I had Casa's guts?! Okay, Ma, you asked for 'em!
Toni Cipriani to his mother.

Dead Meat is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories given to protagonist Toni Cipriani by his mother from her restaurant in the Saint Mark's district of Portland, Liberty City.


Toni goes to his mother's restaurant to see her, but is once again verbally attacked by her. Ma Cipriani complains that Giovanni Casa has stopped paying his protection money after Toni took a picture of him in his diaper. Although not pleased with Casa, she admires his guts for standing up to a Cipriani and tells Toni that she wished that he had Casa's guts.

Toni decides to get Casa's guts literally, and drives over to his delicatessen in Chinatown. Toni picks up Casa, but noticing that Casa had been talking with LCPD officers beforehand, he takes him to the Liberty City Sawmills, where he intends on killing Casa without drawing attention from the police after seeing them earlier at Casa's delicatessen. Casa remains unaware that Toni is about to kill him, until Toni switches on the grinder machine.

Casa attempts to escape and screams at a sawmill worker to call the police, but continues to run around in circles within the sawmill until Toni catches up with him and kills him by the time the police arrive. Toni then butchers Casa's corpse using an axe before delivering it to his own deli whilst evading the police. The clerk decides to take the meat and sell it through the deli, unaware that the meat is actually the flesh of his own boss.



Toni Cipriani goes to visit Ma Cipriani at her restaurant in Saint Mark's, only to find she's not at the restaurant.
Toni: Ma! Ma, you there?
(Voice only):
I ain't talking to you no more, Toni! You shame your Sicilian roots!
Toni walks over to the side entrance of the restaurant to find Ma in her Leone Sentinel.
Ma: After you took that photo of Casa, he stopped paying his protection money. And what are you doing about it? Nothing! Your father would have turned him into meatballs by now! Casa might be a bit funny, but it takes guts to snub a Cipriani! I only wish you had his guts!
Ma revs up the car and drives away from her son.
Toni: You wish I had Casa's guts?! Okay, Ma, you asked for 'em!
Toni drives over to Deli-rium Delicatessen in Chinatown to get Casa and murder him, but once he arrives there, he sees Casa talking to a policeman.
Casa: Hi, Toni, how you doing? What's up?
Toni: You and me are gonna talk, Casa, just somewhere more private.
Toni drives Casa to a more secluded place, while Casa chats with him.
Casa: So... er... where are we going? We're still cool ain't we, Toni? ...I'll get you the money I owe, honest! I just need some time! Does your Ma still like a spicy sausage? I can get her some, no problem.
Toni eventually arrives at the Liberty City Sawmills building in Trenton.
Casa: So Toni, what do you wanna talk about? Is it the protection money? It is, isn't it?
Toni doesn't answer Casa's questions.
Casa: ...Toni?
Toni goes inside the sawmills, with Casa following him.
Casa: We can talk about this, right, Toni? Yeah, yeah, talking is good! People just don't talk enough these days, Toni.
Toni and Casa walk up to a grinder machine.
Toni: Stand there and shut your yap, Casa.
Casa: Yeah, okay, Toni, but, I don't feel comfortable. Hey, easy with that, Toni, it's the on switch for the...
Toni turns on the grinder machine. Casa screams as he realizes that Toni is going to kill him and runs away.
Sawmill worker: Call the cops!
Toni catches up to Casa and kills him with a Fire Axe, butchering him. Meanwhile, two LCPD patrol cars drive near the gates of the sawmill. Toni gets into a Pony, loses the cops and heads back to the deli to deliver Casa's remains to a clerk.
Clerk: Special sausage meat delivery? No one told me about this! Woah! Which zoo did we knock-off this time? There's loads of meat back here! ...Mmmm! Tasty! Okay, I'll take them. It's a good thing Casa ain't here. If he finds out about this, he'll go crazy!


The reward for this mission is $500. The mission No Son of Mine is unlocked.

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  • Mrs. Cipriani's only physical appearance occurs in this mission when she is seen sitting in a Leone Sentinel behind tinted glass. She uses a generic "Mrs. Menalot" pedestrian model.
  • Casa's deli can be accessed before taking him to the sawmills. There are policemen in it, though.
  • This is the only time in the game where the player can access the sawmill.
  • If the player tries to use any weapon other than the Fire Axe to kill Casa, they will be unable to do so. The mission will fail and the failure message will say; "That was too quick and painless to be a Sicilian hit!"
  • The mobile version of the game features some extra dialogue in the sawmill which is not present in the original version.
  • The way Casa is grinded up after death is similar to how the body of Richie Aprile is disposed of in the popular crime drama television show, The Sopranos, that heavily inspired Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.