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For the controllable aircraft, see Dodo. For the character in GTA 2, see Dodo (GTA 2).

The DeadDodo is an uncontrollable, full-winged NPC Dodo that flies high over the city in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Dead Dodo is essentially an unobtainable version of the regular Dodo. It has a slightly darker skin texture in contrast to its controllable counterpart, along with flashing white and red strobe lights. Its main propeller is static and does not spin, and it only emits sound when the player is near it.

The plane is practically unsolid, so if the player somehow manages to reach its set height, they will just phase right through it, although it's still solid to weapons and, like any vehicle, it can be set on fire.

In GTA: Vice City, it can be seen with a banner attached to the tail. The banner differs in the PlayStation 2 version and the Xbox and PC versions. In the PS2 version, the banner will have the generic newspaper with the SWAT team headline, while in the other two the Zombie Elvis Found! paper can be seen.

Shooting the plane down will result in a wanted level (Three stars in Grand Theft Auto III and two stars in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City), but will escalate into a higher wanted level upon explosion (four stars in GTA III and three stars in GTA: Vice City).

Flight DAT Files

Model DAT Files
Deaddodo Flight2.DAT
Deaddodo (S.A.M.) Flight3.DAT
DeadDodo (A Drop in the Ocean) Flight4.DAT

Prominent Appearances in Missions

The vehicle was used in two Grand Theft Auto III missions.

  • A Drop In The Ocean - Where it must be followed to capture cargo that it is dropping.
  • S.A.M. - Where it must be destroyed, so cargo can be collected.

Both planes only differ in the path they fly.



  • The DeadDodo shares the same in-game name with the normal Dodo. However, most files calls it "DeadDodo", as a reference to its condition of being unable to be controlled.
  • The use of the destroy all cars cheat does not affect the plane.
  • In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, when the plane is destroyed, the banner attached to its tail will slowly descend towards the ground, going directly downwards.
  • The message on the banners in GTA: Vice City is 'Zombie Elvis Found!' and uses exactly the same picture as the GTA III newspapers.
  • Spawning the plane with trainers or cheat devices normally causes the game to crash. This can be solved by using modifications.
  • On some early copies of GTA III, there's an unused path for the DeadDodo on the game files, removed due to developer sensitivity after 9/11. Enabling this path will make the plane fly on all three islands, going much closer to buildings and even flying through the Chinatown Building, but this is possibly due to the building being added after the plane's path was changed.

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