David Richards is a deceased character in the Grand Theft Auto series, and was mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V.


David was a famous Vinewood film producer. In 1929, he founded Richards Majestic Productions, which he ran until 1978, when his son Solomon took over the business. According to the website, David was well-known in the industry for his good heart and generosity, though Solomon refers to his father as a "delusional man". In Peter Dreyfuss' confession letter, it is implied that David's wife was called Rachel.



David was a close friend of Peter Dreyfuss, although how they met is unknown. During one night in Mexico, Richards and an inebriated Dreyfuss paid two prostitutes to stab each other to death. In 1975, when Dreyfuss murdered actress Leonora Johnson, he wrote a letter to David confessing to the murder. David destroyed the letter, but ended up confessing the existence of it to his grandson, Ira Richards, before he died.

David also had an affiliation with Fred Quincy, who wrote David a letter in 1949 confessing to the murders of Isaac and an unnamed woman, possibly Quincy's secretary.

According to an internet article after the mission Repossession, David died in 2012 at the age of 103.

Events of GTA V

If the player chooses, it is possible that they can find the 50 pieces of Dreyfuss' confession letter to Richards. In the letter, dated 15th March 1975, Dreyfuss confesses to the torture and murder of Leonora Johnson. Once the letter is pieced together, Dreyfuss is confronted by Franklin Clinton about the murder and, if the player chooses, Franklin can kill Dreyfuss.


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