The dominatrix in her only physical appearance in GTA IV, whipping Dave Bosoy during the first cutscene of "The Cousins Bellic

"What! You like to be whipped? Here you are! Here you are!
(translated from Thai; อะไรวะ! ชอบถูกตีเหรอ? ฝรั่งบ้า นี่แน่! นี่แน่! (Xarị wa! Chxb t̄hūk tī h̄e rx? F̄rạ̀ng b̂ā nī̀ næ̀! Nī̀ næ̀!))
―Dave's dominatrix

Dave's dominatrix (credited as Thai prostitute) is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto IV.

According to the credits, the dominatrix is a prostitute from Thailand.

The dominatrix was a passenger who Niko Bellic travelled with on the Platypus ship during its voyage to Liberty City. She is seen in the very first cutscene, wearing erotic leather clothing and whipping Dave Bosoy, a crew member of the ship, also in sexual leather clothing, while Niko stands outside the door trying to get him ready for docking.

According to Weazel News, Bosoy's body was later found floating in the Humboldt River trussed up in a straitjacket and diaper, covered in whip lashings. His cause of death is unknown.

It is unknown what became of the dominatrix, or if she caused Bosoy's death.

The dominatrix was voiced by Amy Razviwomg.

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  • The dominatrix speaks the second lines in Grand Theft Auto IV and the HD Universe unchronologically, yelling "What! You like to be whipped? Here you are! Here you are!" (translated from Thai). Chronologically, the one who speaks the second lines in HD Universe is Michael, saying ''Alright, everyone pays attention, no one gets hurt!''.


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