Darren Covey's Gang, identified as Street Punks in the game files, is a small criminal group seen in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The group is led by wanted criminal Darren Covey. It appears in an optional side-mission in the Most Wanted series which sees Niko Bellic track down the group in order to assassinate its leader. Gang members can, but only very rarely, be encountered on the streets of Purgatory and Downtown.

Gang members tend to favour the AK-47 as their weapon of choice but may also use a pistol. They can also be encountered in the state of Alderney in the course of two missions. Armed members of the gang may spawn in the mission Industrial Action as guards for three assassination targets. But they do not always spawn making their appearance in the mission only a possibility.

Darren Covey's Gang makes a third appearance in the form of one member Sergi Szerbin who uses the same pedestrian model as a Covey henchman. Szerbin is protected by members of the Russian Mafia suggesting that the two groups are allied or at least working together.



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