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Daily Objectives is a feature in Grand Theft Auto Online introduced in the Heists Update. They are unlocked at Rank 15. Players will receive Cash and RP rewards for completing all three given objectives each day and a large bonus for completing them for a week and a month. Reward cash is deposited directly into the player's bank account.

The Daily Objectives list in the Interaction Menu (after The Diamond Casino & Resort).


You have new Daily Objectives.
Check the Interaction Menu for more info.

Daily Objectives can be found on the player's Interaction Menu. Each day there are three different objectives to complete. Upon completing all three the player will receive Money ($30,000) and RP (5,000). Completed objectives are shown by a tick in the box next to the objective.

Completing the three daily objectives for seven consecutive days will reward the player with a cash bonus of $150,000 and 20,000 RP. There is also a large cash and RP reward ($750,000 and 50,000 RP) for completing the objectives for 28 days straight.

This is one of the easiest ways of earning cash in Grand Theft Auto Online and generally does not incur any entry cost, however fee payment for individual objective activities may be required (e.g. Bribe cops and cause chaos - $5000). Many activities can be done solo, or in solo/invite only lobbies, but not all; therefore, while solo players may be able to frequently complete single sets of objectives, they are unlikely to be able to complete the 7 or 28 day stretches on their own owing to the random nature of the objectives that often include ones that require interaction with other players.

Daily objectives refresh with a new set of three objectives at 6am UTC (2am EDT, 7am BST, 11pm PDT).

The objectives will consist of at least one job to participate in and one activity to perform. Jobs will always be the top objective listed and will be one of the following: Deathmatch (three types), Racing (eight types), Capture (four types), LTS or Versus Mission, Survival or Contact Mission, or a Parachute Jump. Activities can be any other objective listed below.

Objectives will often be tailored to the player's current inventory or business or property status. For example, if one does not own an RC Bandito, they will not get objectives related to the vehicle. Similarly, objectives related to resupplying or selling certain businesses won't be given unless the player owns them.

With the Diamond Casino & Resort update, new objectives were added and the rewards for completing them, as well as weekly and monthly rewards, have been increased. Some of the objectives in the list below might also no longer be available, as some PvP objectives were removed.

List of Daily Objectives

Game Modes Objectives

Free Roam Objectives

Those that are confirmed as of the Diamond Casino & Resort Update are marked with a (*).

  • Complete a Gang Attack*
  • Hold up a store*
  • Kill 5/10/20 players[3]
  • Collect a Bounty
  • Steal 10 vehicles*
  • Destroy 10 vehicles*
  • Mod a vehicle at a car mod shop*
  • Ride on one of the Fairground Rides*
  • Go to the Movies* (paying and entering the cinema is enough; the penthouse movie room does not count)
  • Steal a vehicle from the military base*
  • Fall for [325 feet/100 meters] and survive* (free-fall for that distance before deploying a parachute)
  • Parachute from 325/500/600/650* feet (deploy parachute at specified height or higher)
  • Parachute dangerously (deploy parachute under 100/150/200 feet from the ground)
  • Pull a parachute 30 meters from the ground
  • Escape a 2\3*\4\5 star Wanted Level
  • Perform a wheelie for 10 seconds*
  • Removed:

Contact Service Objectives

  • Kill a revealed player (use Lester's "Reveal hidden players" option in Deathmatch or Capture)
  • Kill a player while Off the Radar (use Lester's "off the radar" option or Ghost Organization can be used by VIP/CEO)
  • Bribe the Cops then cause havoc* (use Lester's "cops blind eye" option or Bribe Authorities as VIP/CEO)
  • Use some Bull Shark Testosterone* (Call Brucie or Drop Bullshark through the CEO menu)
  • Call a Mugger on another player* (Call Lamar)
  • Collect an Ammo Drop* (call Merryweather or Drop Ammo through the VIP/CEO menu)

Objectives added with the Diamond Casino & Resort update

flAs of the Diamond Casino & Resort Update, new Daily Objectives have been added, rewards increased and the first objective on the list each day is the same for all players. Listed below are the new ones and the ones that are global (*):

  • Participate in a Business Battle*
  • Participate in a Freemode Challenge*
  • Participate in a Freemode Event* (Must gain a score higher than zero; Business Battles do not count)
  • Participate in Club Work* (MC Club version of VIP Work. Can be given even if the player does not own a Clubhouse; will have to request help from an MC President. Starting it will count)
  • Participate in VIP Work* (Register as VIP/CEO, start a VIP Work)
  • Participate in the Featured Series*
  • Participate in the SASS Series*
  • Participate in the Adversary Series* (Find an Adversary Series job on the map)
  • Participate in the Bunker Series*
  • Participate in the Race Series*
  • Participate in the Special Race Series*
  • Participate in the Stunt Series*
  • Participate in a Last Team Standing*
  • Participate in a Parachute Jump*
  • Participate in a Land Race*
  • Participate in a Bike Race*
  • Participate in a Sea Race*
  • Participate in an Air Race*
  • Participate in a GTA Race* (A Land Race, with Type switched to 'GTA'. Can be soloed as host and number of laps adjusted. An Arena War Adversary Mode, such as Buzzer Beater, set to 'GTA' also works.)
  • Participate in a Non-Contact Race*
  • Participate in a Rally Race* (A Land Race, with Type switched to 'Rally'. Use a closed circle, like At the Races)
  • Participate in a Deathmatch* (the Deathmatch type must be set to normal)
  • Participate in a Team Deathmatch*
  • Participate in a Vehicle Deathmatch*
  • Participate in a Survival*
  • Participate in the Arena War Series*
  • Participate in Bomb Ball*
  • Participate in Buzzer Beater*
  • Participate in Carnage*
  • Participate in Flag War*
  • Participate in Games Masters*
  • Participate in Here Come The Monsters*
  • Participate in Hot Bomb*
  • Participate in Tag Team*
  • Participate in Wreck It*
  • Participate in a Client Job* (Can be given even if the player does not own a Nightclub or the Terrorbyte; will have to request help from a Terrorbyte owner. Starting it will count. Must be outside while mission is active)
  • Participate in a Clubhouse Contract* (Can be given even if the player does not own a Clubhouse; will have to request help from an MC President. Starting it will count. Must be outside while mission is active)
  • Complete a Contact Mission* (most missions in the game count for this)
  • Play a game of Darts* (Can be played solo)
  • Play a round of Golf* (Can be set to only play one hole solo)
  • Play a match of Tennis* (Requires two players. For a one set match, must play until one player wins at least six games and at least two games more than the opponent, thus winning the match)
  • Complete a Heist Setup* (A finale will not count; Cayo Perico Heist setups do not count)
  • Complete a Heist Finale* (Cayo Perico does not count)
  • Complete a Doomsday Heist Prep*
  • Complete a Doomsday Heist Setup*
  • Complete a Doomsday Heist Finale* (All Doomsday Heist missions can be given even though the player does not own a Facility)
  • Complete a Lowrider mission* (Complete the current Lamar mission the player is on, or go to the Play Quick Job option on the IFruit and choose Lamar Mission to search for a random one)
  • Complete a Dispatch mission*
  • Resupply MC Business (Either Buy or Steal Supplies. If bought, Supplies must arrive first to count)
    • Cocaine Lockup
    • Meth Lab
    • Counterfeit Cash Factory
    • Weed Farm
    • Document Forgery Office
  • Sell from an MC Business (e.g. "Sell Counterfeit Cash") or through its Nightclub equivalent. Selling someone else's product through the Nightclub will not count. If sold through the Nightclub, it has to be the only product sold or (Unconfirmed) has to be a sizeable amount.
  • Sell Goods from your Nightclub
  • Sell Weapons (sell Weapons from a Bunker or Nightclub)
  • Source Special Cargo (Obtaining Business Battle Goods counts)
  • Sell Special Cargo
  • Source Vehicle Cargo
  • Export Vehicle Cargo
  • Deliver an Export vehicle to Simeon
  • Resupply the Bunker (If buying supplies, will count once they arrive)
  • Source Air-Freight Cargo
  • Sell Air-Freight Cargo
  • Complete Club Management
  • Complete Casino Management
  • Modify a MkII weapon (Must first purchase to upgrade a weapon from MkI to MkII if you do not own any MkII weapons. Can briefly take off a bought attachment then put it back on while still in the modification UI to count)
  • Modify an aircraft at your Hangar
  • Modify a vehicle at Benny's Original Motor Works (Benny moddable vehicles only. Does not require custom conversion, any regular modification that could be done at a mod shop will count)
  • Modify a vehicle at your Arena Workshop
  • Modify a vehicle in the Avenger
  • Modify a vehicle in the Mobile Operations Center
  • Modify a vehicle at the Clubhouse
  • Play the Shooting Range at a Bunker
  • Deploy your parachute near the ground (Deploy your parachute under 165 feet from the ground; jump from a low story building to avoid terminal velocity)
  • Dance in a player owned Nightclub (previously known as "Dance in a Nightclub")[4]
  • Order a drink from a bar
  • Relax in a hot tub (Can use roof terrace tubs at The Diamond Casino if a yacht or penthouse spa is not owned)
  • Visit The Diamond Casino & Resort
  • Complete a mission for The Diamond Casino & Resort
  • Spin the Lucky Wheel
  • Hire a player for your Organization
  • Hire a player for your Motorcycle Club
  • Set yourself as Looking for Work (Choose SecuroServ in the Interaction Menu and momentarily switch Looking for Work to 'On')
  • Set yourself as Looking for an MC
  • Fly a Drone (Kosatka guided missiles count too)
  • Drive an RC Bandito (Invade and Persuade Tank will count)
  • Go Scuba Diving (Only given for Scuba Suit owners)
  • Get a headshot with the Double-Action Revolver
  • Rampage with the Stone Hatchet (Activate Stone Hatchet Rampage mode with one Stone Hatchet kill. Completed when Rampage mode ends)
  • Have a snowball fight (hitting another player with a snowball counts; only during Festive Surprise)

Objectives added with The Diamond Casino Heist update

Objectives added with The Cayo Perico Heist update

Objectives added with The Los Santos Tuners update

All Daily Objectives completion rewards after the Diamond Casino & Resort update

All Weekly Objectives completion rewards after the Diamond Casino & Resort update


The Daily Objectives completed pop-up message


  • $30,000 ($25,000 before the Diamond Casino & Resort Update)
  • 5,000 RP (3,000 RP before the Diamond Casino & Resort Update)

    The Weekly Objectives completed pop-up message


  • $150,000 ($100,000 before the Diamond Casino & Resort Update)
  • 20,000 RP (15,000 RP before the Diamond Casino & Resort Update)
  • You get this bonus for every seven consecutive days you complete objectives

    The Monthly Objectives completed pop-up message


  • $750,000 ($500,000 before the Diamond Casino & Resort Update)
  • 50,000 RP
  • You get this bonus for every twenty-eight consecutive days you complete objectives


  • The 10th completed activity has a $10,000 bonus
  • The 20th completed activity has a $20,000 bonus
  • The 50th completed activity has a $50,000 bonus
  • The 100th completed activity has a $100,000 bonus

Monthly Earnings

Before the Diamond Casino & Resort update, completing the daily objectives for 28 consecutive days would earn the player 1.4 million GTA$ and 167k RP. The rewards were increased after this update, where completing them for 28 consecutive days will earn the player a total of 1.92 million GTA$ and 230k RP.

Numeric Bonuses and other rewards given by the objective if any, are not included in this total.


  • There was a bug with the "Perform a Stunt Jump" objective. If the player had completed all stunt jumps, it was impossible to achieve the objective. By racing the Rockstar-created race "Downtown Underground" the player could complete the objective simply by following the course over the stunt jump, even if they had already completed that jump. This was fixed in the 1.27 Title Update.
  • A game of Tennis needs to be completed in order to count. If the opponent quits or disconnects, it's not counted as "complete", even though it is counted as a "win".
  • Sometimes, the objectives on one day may carry over to the next day, and will be shown as completed, rendering completing the objectives for that day impossible. This in turn may affect progress on the weekly or monthly bonuses. Despite Rockstar claiming the issue was fixed, it still exists in-game. However, as of After Hours, progress on the bonuses may be unaffected.
  • When the Featured Series is land races, they may not count for the daily objective, making the player unable to fulfill the objective.
  • If a player switches character, exits without saving after they receive new Daily Objectives, then opens GTA Online, will display yesterday's daily objectives (Daily Objectives will not properly change).
    • This is considered to be a glitch to freeze Daily Objectives. It may also occur if there is an error in joining a new session and it returns the player to GTA V.
    • To make up for this issue, for now, Rockstar may give cash rewards to players who suffer from issues.
  • The "Evade wanted level stars" objective may not count if it was completed during a heist or a mission and cause the objective to become unresponsive until the game is restarted.
  • The "Evade wanted level stars" may also randomly not count even if it was completed in free roam. Completing this again usually fixes the issue, but if this fails, then quitting the game then restarting it then immediately re-attempting the evasion may work, otherwise restarting the console and restoring the file system seems to work.
  • While the game reliably displays the daily completion ($25,000 and 3,000 RP) pop-up notice, after completing them the first time, it may not display the weekly ($100,000 and 15,000 RP) or monthly ($500,000 and 50,000 RP), but the player will receive those bonuses.
  • The "Participate in a Client Job" objective will not recognize certain jobs for completion, such as Targeted Data.

Casino Update

  • The first global objective may occasionally change for no reason, even after the previous one has been completed.
  • Many players were unable to complete the objective "Participate in Buzzer Beater".
  • Many players were unable to complete the objective "Participate in Wreck It".


  • In total, considering all bonuses, awards, and numeric rewards, the player can earn $1,580,000 and 169,500 RP in one month of completed objectives. This is in addition to the individual rewards of the objectives, themselves (if any). Eventually, this total will change, due to numeric bonuses which do not follow a monthly pattern.
  • Daily Objectives can be changed by exiting GTA Online without saving whenever they received new objectives. However, this may result in the player's weekly or monthly progress being reset.
  • If the player participates in a Capture or Deathmatch, the objective will still complete if the job ends due to other players disconnecting. However, if the player leaves the job part way through, they may not gain the objective completion once they join a new session.
  • For the Stealing Vehicles and Steal Military Vehicle objectives the player only has to get in and either start the engine or take control of the vehicle from the previous driver for the objective to count. The player does not have to escape with the vehicle or even survive beyond that point.
  • On 28 May 2015, many players who reported technical issues with Daily Objectives to Rockstar were rewarded $250,000 to $500,000 to apologize for the inconvenience.
  • If the player gets the "Perform a wheelie for 10 seconds" objective but doesn't own a suitable motorcycle, choosing the Rockstar created race Taking Off and changing the class to Motorcycles gives the player an ideal location to use the Bati 801 or 801RR, which have a superb ability to maintain a wheelie.
    • A bicycle can also be used to complete the wheelie objective.
  • Upon the original release, Weekly and Monthly rewards would count as an additional bonus alongside the daily reward. This was recently changed to count as the only reward.
  • Some Daily Objectives in the enhanced version (PS4/XB1/PC) may be rare compared to the original game version.
  • The objectives requiring players to set themselves as looking for work or club membership do not need the player to actually go through with it; they need simply set themselves as looking and then immediately cancel for the objective to count.


  1. Though this is not a Game Mode activity, it can only be done during an Air Race as doing this in free-roam does not count.
  2. Air Races in which this can be done easily are Burn Your Bridges, Burn Your Bridges II, Flying Low, Loose Canyon and Over the Hill.
  3. Killing the same player multiple times also counts. Player kills in game modes such as a Deathmatch also count towards the objective.
  4. Changed after the introduction of The Music Locker in the The Cayo Perico Heist update. Dancing in the Music Locker is a separate objective.