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The Da Nang Boys Freighter is a large freighter featured in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.


The freighter is moored in the San Fierro Bay, near the Gant Bridge. The ship is based on a standard container ship, with two levels, the upper deck and the cargo hold. The hull is painted green, and black below the waterline.

The upper deck features 32 rows of containers, stacked in a way that the player can make their way from one end of the ship to another easily. The cargo hold can be accessed through an open hatch at the middle of the deck, allowing the player to drop down onto the container stacks in the hold. The cargo hold is also filled with many containers.

The ship features a white superstructure, with a radio and radar mast, and two exhaust stacks with a white, blue and red-striped livery. The interior of the superstructure can be accessed after the completion of the mission The Da Nang Thang, and features a staircase leading up to the bridge.

The freighter itself is only populated during the mission The Da Nang Thang. This is also the only time the ship's ladder, located on its starboard side, which leads to the bow from the sea, appears and can be interacted with. Outside the mission, the only way to board the ship is to parachute or to land an helicopter onto it. The ship is otherwise completely empty. Even if the player acquires a wanted level while on the ship, no SFPD officers will spawn on the ship, and only Police Mavericks and News Choppers will appear in the vicinity (at a 3-star wanted level or more).

Due to the ship's height, aircraft may occasionally crash into it. Because of this, the player should be vigilant for aircraft if they are on the ship.

Events of GTA San Andreas

The freighter is operated by the Da Nang Boys.

The ship is attacked shortly after its arrival in the waters of the San Fierro Bay by the San Fierro Triads, the Da Nang Boys' enemies. The attack is led by Little Lion, who flies a Maverick to the ship, while Carl Johnson operates the helicopter's side-mounted minigun to take down the multiple Da Nang Boys on the deck. The helicopter is eventually shot down by one of the Da Nang Boys with a Rocket Launcher. Carl, the only survivor of the crash, is forced to board the ship alone. He fights his way through the ship, eventually reaching the cargo hold where he frees a group of Vietnamese refugees. Carl then proceeds to the ship's bridge, where he kills The Snakehead, the Da Nang Boys' leader. Carl then escapes the ship with the refugees aboard Dinghies.

During the Land, Sea and Air lesson in the Boat School, the player briefly passes by the freighter's starboard side.




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