The Da Nang Boys Freighter is a large freighter featured in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. As its name implies, it is owned by the Da Nang Boys, a Vietnamese gang operating in San Fierro.


The freighter is moored in the San Fierro Bay, near the Gant Bridge. The ship is based on a standard container ship, with two levels, the upper deck and the hull. Both levels are filled with shipping containers.

Although the ship's crew only appear during the mission The Da Nang Thang, the ship itself is accessible before and after the mission (with the exception of the bridge, which is locked before the mission). If the player boards the ship, they will have to climb over several rows of shipping containers to reach the other end of the ship (from the bow to the bridge or vice-versa). The ship features a ladder which leads to the bow from the sea, but this is only operational during The Da Nang Thang.

Due to the ship's height, aircraft may occasionally crash into it. Because of this, the player should be vigilant for aircraft if they are on the ship.



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