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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
For a complete list of the features of the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC version of Grand Theft Auto Online, please see here.

DJ Requests are a series of seven Free Mode missions in Grand Theft Auto Online introduced as part of the The Cayo Perico Heist update.


The Diamond Casino & Resort has opened a nightclub, The Music Locker, and DJs are also playing at the Cayo Perico Beach Party. Much like the player's own Nightclubs, the DJs can sometimes require assistance. While registered as a VIP, CEO or Biker President, Tom Connors or English Dave may contact the player randomly in any Free Mode session to run jobs for each of Moodymann, Palms Trax and Keinemusik.

The Music Locker Jobs

Hi there member, Tom Connors here. We have a sensitive issue with one of our VIPs, and I understand you specialize in such matters. Could you help us?
— Tom Connors' text message
Hi there member. Tom Connors here. We need some ultra-high-profile VIP assistance, and your name came up. Are you willing to help?
— Alternate text

If the player owns a Master Penthouse, Tom Connors can message the player while they are outside the club not otherwise engaged in free-roam activity and request the player completes a job for their resident DJ in a random order. The player has the choice to accept or reject these jobs.

You can now make a choice whether to [mission] or not. Press [button/key] to accept, or press [button/key] to decline.


Mood Swings
As a resident of The Diamond, you expect a high standard of service. As a legendary DJ, you expect even more.
That's why Tom Connors is looking for Penthouse owners who'll do whatever it takes to help make Moodymann's stay as memorable as possible. You're sure to be repaid.
GTA Online Entry screen

Collect the merchandise

Good. So, as I'm sure you know, we have Moodymann staying with us while he's in residence at the Music Locker. He urgently needs some extremely important merchandise for his backstage guests. It's got to be collected from Davis Mega Mall. By the way, he asked for your number. If he calls, talk me up.
— Tom's text instructions
New Contact

Tom Connors texts advising that Moodymann requires someone to collect his merchandise from Davis Mega Mall.

Travel to the Davis Mega Mall and collect an order for Moodymann to be delivered back to The Music Locker.

Moodymann will call the player en route to explain the importance of his slippers.

Hey, it's Kenny. It's Moodymann... that motherfucker Tom gave me your number.
You gonna pick something up for me?
I ain't talking about no weed, nig, I'm talking about them house shoes. I need them house shoes, dog.
You can only get them at the swap meet... Davis Mega Mall...
Them bitches out cold.
I usually get 'em myself, just ain't got the time right now. I'll see you at the club later, motherfucker.
— Moodymann's first phone call

Upon arrival, the player needs to get on a Faggio Sport with a Davis Mega Mall livery and get it to The Music Locker.

You collected Moodymann's slippers.

Moodymann will call again.

Whaddup though, it's me again. Did you get that package? I need them house shoes, I need them bitches.
They a part of my life. They bring that OG out in the nig. I need to step into the light with that motherfucker.
They're just a feel good situation for my toes. Where they at? I'm waiting for 'em, holler at me.
— Moodymann's second phone call.

Once Moodymann hangs up, the player is given a time limit of 2:00 minutes to get to the garage door at The Diamond Casino & Resort.

Moodymann urgently needs his house shoes. Deliver the slippers back to The Music Locker before the timer runs out.

Collect Moodymann

Oh thank goodness. It's one of our resident DJ's. Moodymann. He's about to miss his set. We loaned him a rather dashing supercar, and the last we heard he was sightseeing down in Vespucci. Please, get down there as fast as you can and bring him back! I'll keep calling him in the meantime.
— Tom's text instructions

Tom Connors texts advising that Moodymann has gone missing and the player needs to find him and return him to the club to play his set.

Travel to Vespucci Beach to find Moodymann and drive him back to The Music Locker.

Upon arrival, Moodymann will be found standing around with no car in sight.

Press (horn button) to signal Moodymann to enter the vehicle.

He will get into the player's car and reveal the loan car has been stolen. He doesn't particularly care as it is not his car and is likely insured, but it would only be polite to at least make an effort in looking for the casino's property.

Yo, hey, hey! You from the casino?
That motherfucker Tom said he was sending somebody, alright... let's go.
— Moodymann.
You collected Moodymann.
So, I don't know if he told you, but some motherfuckers just took my borrowed car. They stole it.
It's a borrowed car, so I particularly don't give a shit.
But the polite thing to do would be to find these motherfuckers, right? I was just parked there for a minute when they took it.
They went east back into town. Some motherfuckers saw what happened and took off after their ass.
So maybe they'll let a ni**a know what's up. I don't know, I don't even really give a fuck.
— Moodymann.

The player is instructed to head east into Downtown Los Santos to search for the car.

Hey, y'all, I got my Gauntlet Hellfire from home out here, it's in the casino garage.
Now, if they woulda tooken that, it would have been a whole new situation in this bitch.
But the casino car... that motherfucker most likely got insurance anyway.
— Moodymann on the way to downtown.

Moodyman then receives a text from the people tailing the thieves and informs the player that the Grotti car has been taken to Benny's Original Motor Works.

Aw shit. I got a text... it's from the people that took off in that car... they at a place called Benny's, a body shop, you know where that's at?
We better get over there quick before they strip that shit. That motherfucker gonna be on some bricks in a minute.
I knew that thing was too flashy... a fucking Grotti. Fuck all that shit, you better go to Detroit to get me some America (spoken: American) muscle in this motherfucker.
— Moodymann.

Upon arrival there, the thieves in the Itali RSX escape and the player must give chase and recover the stolen car. The thieves will pull out from the alleyway and head straight north until following Baytree Canyon Road around Cherry Pie Farm and head east on Galileo Road until it merges southbound with Senora Road, following it straight onto Elgin Avenue.

During chase
Fuck this car and this shit. You'd better get me back where the fuck I'm supposed to be.
— Moodymann.

or alternatively:

Okay, don't worry about this motherfucking shit, come on, let's keep this shit moving.
— Moodymann.
You recovered the Itali RSX.
Okay, good work.
Now get me back to the spot.
I ain't driving this bullshit no more.
— Moodymann.

Once recovered, Moodymann will get in and the player drives the casino's car and the DJ back to The Music Locker, via the casino's garage door.

On the way
All I wanted to do was walk around this motherfucking city... see some nice ladies... talk to some ignorant hoes... meet some good people and hear some hell of a sounds... I ended up in a motherfucking car chase.
Not what I was really looking for today, but it's good, motherfuckers. You don't come to Los Santos for no relaxation and no rest.
Imma brutally honest, I'm giving you the truth here, motherfuckers... that Music Locker though... it's a good spot. The kids who started that bitch... in a casino, they did it right.
Music-wise, vibe-wise, the place gets down.
But when I'm in that bitch, I feel like I'm in the D, baby. Only thing missing... is me on my skates.
— Moodymann.
Reaching the Diamond
Hell yeah, we back at the motherfucking spot... I need to be here, thanks for that shit. I hope Tom's looking on after your ass.
I'll see you in there.
— Moodymann.

Complete the mission by driving into the underground parking garage.



First Job
  • 25,000 casino Chips
  • RP
  • Moodymann Tee
Second Job

Palms Trax

Stay on Trax
At The Diamond, the quest is always the priority. That's why you can now risk your life to help Tom Connors keep Palms Trax in total luxury.
Why should you help? Because you have a generous heart...and you get paid, so...
GTA Online Entry screen.

Collect the DJ equipment

Hi there member, Tom Connors here. So... I need a little favor. Palms Trax has ordered some custom-built audio equipment. Now, that's just not the kind of thing you send with GoPostal, is it? I need a courier who can handle anything. Could you pick it up for us?
— Tom's text instructions

Tom Connors texts advising that Palms Trax requires some custom-built DJ equipment to be delivered to The Music Locker.

Perfect, thank you. It's ready for collection at the store. I took the liberty of telling the owner you're already on your way.
— Tom's response text
Travel to the Pirate Music store and collect the DJ equipment for Palms Trax to be delivered back to The Music Locker.

The player will be directed to the Pirate Music store in Little Seoul. Upon arrival, a robbery is in progress and the equipment is stolen by a thief identical to the one who stole Dixon's backpack, and an accomplice. The accomplice confronts the player while the thief flees on foot.

Press [button] to toggle focus on the thief.
A thief Blips-GTAO-MovingTarget-Enemy.png is fleeing with the DJ equipment. Chase him down to recover the DJ equipment belonging to Palms Trax.

The player needs to take out the thief and pick up the backpack containing the equipment. Enemy reinforcements may possibly arrive to intervene, even after the two main targets are dead.

You collected the equipment.

Once recovered, the player just has to drive back to The Music Locker.


Recover the delivery truck

Hi there member, Tom Connors here. Ms. Baker mentioned you know how to handle an emergency. Well, Palms Trax just ordered some champagne and we've run out. Seriously. The delivery truck should have been here an hour ago! Can you help us?
— Tom's text instructions

Tom Connors texts that Palms Trax ordered some champagne but the Diamond is fresh out, and the delivery truck with the restock is mysteriously late.

Thank you thank you thank you! The truck has a GPS tracker. I've just sent you the location. Please, just do whatever it takes to get it to the Diamond quickly!
— Tom's response text
Travel to Grapeseed and recover the champagne for Palms Trax to be delivered back to The Music Locker.

The player will be directed to eastern Grapeseed Avenue near the Grapeseed Cow Farm. Upon arrival, a search area is marked and the player must find a Mule which has had an accident with a Bodhi.

Search the area for the delivery truck containing the champagne.

The player needs to find and get in the truck.

Recover the delivery truck Blips-GTAO-GenericCar-Friendly.png containing the champagne.
You collected the champagne.
The tracker is moving again! Is that you? Just drive quickly. And carefully! We can't afford any breakages.
— Tom's text

Once recovered, the player just has to carefully drive back to The Music Locker to avoid damaging the champagne.

Drive carefully to avoid damaging the champagne in the back of the delivery truck.

Unlike prior delivery missions of this type, simply driving the vehicle over 60mph will damage the cargo, so full throttle is not possible. In the lower right hand corner a white 'health bar' is displayed showing how much damage the cargo has taken.

Slow down. Driving at speed for too long will damage the champagne.

The delivery point is the garage door of The Diamond Casino & Resort.



First Job
  • 25,000 casino Chips
  • RP
  • Palms Trax Tee
Second Job
  • 25,000 casino Chips
  • RP
  • Helping Out Award (Complete all Palms Trax requests sent by Tom Connors)
  • DJ Booth access at The Music Locker while Palms Trax is playing his set.

The Cayo Perico Beach Party Jobs

These jobs will not be offered until the player completes The Cayo Perico Heist finale as a leader.


Face the Musik
Pizza? Check. Merch? Check. Chakra Stones? Ehh... You can now help English Dave make sure Keinemusik have everything they need for the ultimate beach party gig.
You'll also get some pretty sweet rewards for helping out.
GTA Online Entry screen

English Dave will call the player and request these three jobs in a random order.

Collect the skate merchandise

Hello, me old china plate, I got a minor-major wardrobe malfunction developing out here on the Costa del Keinemusik. Don't ask for details, it ain't pretty. We need some fresh merch flown over, ASAP... I figured you'd be the one to make it happen.
— English Dave's phone call.
Alright, now they're looking for something specific... you know how these geniuses are. It needs to come from Curbcrawler Skateboards. No questions will be asked, I assure you, as long as the goods turn up.
— English Dave's phone call.

Dave advises that Keinemusik are suffering from what he describes as a wardrobe malfunction at the Cayo Perico Beach Party and they want fresh merchandise from Curbcrawler Skateboards in Burton.

Travel to Curbcrawler Skateboards store and steal the shipment of merchandise to deliver to Keinemusik back on the island.

Upon arrival, there is are three melee-armed NPCs loading the van and the player must take them out along with any Security Guards from the neighboring Fleeca branch. A 2 star wanted level may be applied which the player must lose, either before or after collecting the van.

Safely in possession? Good... now get back to paradise.
— Dave upon collection of the van.

Once collected, the player needs to drive the Paradise van containing the merchandise to a Pegasus Concierge hangar at LSIA where they will board a VIP Charter Jets flight to Cayo Perico to deliver the clothes to the DJs.

Airborne? Just in time... another minute and things were gonna kick off over here...
— Dave as the player nears the delivery location at LSIA.

Collect the pizza

Knock knock. Dave here. We're in a bit of a crisis situation here in paradise. Now, the Keinemusik lads have been hit with a bad case of the munchies, they're after pizza specifically, and only something from the mainland will do. I don't suppose you could see your way to flying some over... business class?
— English Dave's phone call.
You're a beautiful soul, you know that? I thought we were going under for a second there. Grab a couple of pies and get them airborne, pronto.
— English Dave's phone call.

English Dave advises that Keinemusik need food, specifically some pizza from Pizza This... in Downtown Vinewood. The player is instructed to travel to the restaurant to collect the pizza.

Travel to 'Pizza This...' restaurant and collect an order of pizzas to deliver to Keinemusik back on the island.

As they arrive, Dave sends a text message explaining that they haven't ordered any, and that the player should just steal a random delivery.

Look out for 'Pizza This...' delivery drivers when you get to the restaurant.
Oi! We ain't got time to order the bloody things. Just nab some fresh ones off a delivery driver. Sorted!
— English Dave's text message.

A delivery driver is seen on a liveried Faggio Sport leaving the vicinity and they player must chase him and steal the scooter.

Chase after the 'Pizza This...' delivery driver and steal the scooter Blips-GTAO-Circle-Blue.png containing the pizzas.

Once the scooter is stolen, Dave calls and requests the player hurry up.

You collected the pizza.
You got it? Perfect... now don't stop in duty free, no time to lose.
— English Dave's phone call.

A five minute countdown timer appears and the player must deliver the pizzas to the Pegasus Concierge hangar at LSIA within the time limit.

Do we have lift-off? Perfecto... I think young Rampa might be about to pass out at the decks.
— English Dave's phone call.

Upon arrival at the destination, a cutscene plays and the player travels to the Cayo Perico Beach Party to deliver the pizzas to the DJs.


Recover the chakra stones

Hello, chum, it's your old friend indeed here. Now, Keinemusik look to be about two tempo shifts away from a serious wobbly. We need the big guns flown out here right away. My personal chakra stones, can you make it happen?
— English Dave's phone call.
You're a diamond. Now, my mainland shaman lives in an intentional community up in the desert. He was supposed to bless the stones, but he's only gone and nicked them. I blame too much root and not enough stem. Anyway, all bets are off... get them however you need to.
— English Dave's phone call.

Dave's personal chakra stones have been stolen by his shaman at the Senora Desert Trailer Park near RON Alternates Wind Farm.

Travel to the trailer park and steal back Dave's chakra stones to deliver to Keinemusik back on the island.

The player is required to recover five stones by eliminating the thieves who will each drop a small bag containing a stone.

Take out the thieves Blips-GTAO-MovingTarget-Enemy.png until they drop all of the chakra stones.
Recover the chakra stones Blips-GTAO-Circle-Green.png dropped by the thieves.

Once they are collected, the player needs to transport them to a Pegasus Concierge hangar at LSIA where they will board a VIP Charter Jets flight to Cayo Perico to deliver the stones to the DJs. If they take too long, Dave will call and hurry them up.

Did you get them? Be gentle, you don't want to mess around with that kind of conduit, yeah?
— Dave's call on recovery of the 5th stone.
Help your crew deliver the merchandise to LSIA. You must be there in order to complete delivery and travel to Cayo Perico.
Now I don't mean to alarm you, but, er, unless I'm very much mistaken we've got a bad energy front coming in fast over here. If I don't get those stones pretty lively, I could go under.
— Dave's call if the player is taking too long.
I sense help is on its way. Just in the nick of. You saved old Davey once again. And, er, Keienemusik too, of course.
— Dave's call on approach to the airport marker.

Once they are delivered, they player will be at the Cayo Perico Beach Party and can stay there or return to Los Santos by interacting with the Winky parked at the party reception point.



First Job
  • Blue Keinemusik Tee
  • RP
Second Job
Third Job
Hello sailor, Dave here. Listen, you've pulled all the stops for us over here, and don't think it's gone unnoticed. Now, I'd like you to take my motor. For keeps. Shedding worldly attachments, innit? And today, my loss is your gain. Piece of bloody history there. Keys are inside. You are welcome.
— English Dave
  • Free Weevil with a "Love Machine" livery (English Dave's car).
    • The car will be marked as "Bonus item" on the map after the player gets the phone call from Dave.
    • Players will need a free garage space to store it, and will be prompted for the location when entering the car at LSIA.
    • The vehicle is otherwise unmodified and can be sold for 50% of the value of the livery, like any other free gift or Lucky Wheel podium prize.
Dave has left you his personal vehicle Blips-GTAO-GenericCar-Gold.png to collect at the LSIA parking lot.