DJ Bomba Tomba is the co-host of the KGBH radio station in Anywhere City, along with Prodo, in Grand Theft Auto 2. He is a heavy vodka drinker, as evidenced by the events he talks about during his broadcast:

  • He owns a green Silverado, which he claims was "stolen" outside his house, but in reality, he was just a "little" drunk and didn't remember where he left it.
  • He didn't come home to his wife the same night, again because of his drinking; but he says he will make up for it by playing a special song for her, the tape of which was reported to be missing.
  • When it was broadcasted that a shipload of vodka sunk into the sea, he invited other listeners to come with him to the dock in wetsuits, leaving Prodo in charge of the station.

He is a very brutal person, threatening multiple times to beat Prodo up. His radio station became a big success alongside other radio stations, due to his speech.


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