DFA is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars that plays electronica and dance music.


All songs on the station were produced by DFA Records. It is available on the PSP, iOS & Android versions of the game. The songs are shortened from their true released versions.

This is one of the preferred stations of the Triads.


Song: Preview:
"Space Fortress" by Altair Nouveau (2009)
"The Odyssey Sound (Mogg & Naudascher Edit)" by Walter Jones (2006)
"Moon Unit Part 1" by Mogg & Naudascher (2007)
"The Simple Life" by The Juan MacLean (2008)
"Moon Unit Part 2" by Mogg & Naudascher (2007)
"Lost in the City" by Plastique de Rêve fear Ghostape (2008)
"Pagans" by Skatebård (2007)
"Stropharia" by Max BrannSlokker (2008)
"Riot on Planet 10 (Blitz Grasci Remix)" by Strangelets (2007)


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