"Hey, ain't there a law against you mark-ass gangstas, insignia-mask-wearing motherfuckers?"
―D about Franklin and Lamar.

D is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a minor antagonist in Grand Theft Auto V.



At one point D joined the Ballas gang and became a high-ranking and respectable OG member of the Ballas.

Events of GTA V

Lamar had intentions to kidnap D in exchange for $40,000, in order to make some easy money for him and Franklin. The two later discovered D in an alleyway located at Vinewood Boulevard, where he was attempting to solicit a prostitute. Before he can, Lamar and Franklin confront him wearing bandanas, Lamar then attempts to threaten him by taking out his pistol, D then speeds off on his motorbike  which then leads to a chase, until D is hit by a bus off his bike, forcing him to flee on foot. Franklin, and Lamar's pet dog, Chop, pursue and eventually capture D, loading him into Lamar's van. On the way to Lamar's house, Franklin is forced to free D after Lamar used his cell phone to call in the ransom, revealing their location to the FIB. D then runs off shouting that they will meet again.

After this event, Lamar and D set up a drug deal at a Scrapyard in La Puerta, Lamar later arrives at the deal with Franklin and the recently released Families OG Stretch. The deal turns out to be an ambush by the Ballas to which Stretch proceeds to aggressively shoot an unarmed D twice in the head in cold revenge, killing him instantly. The three manage to escape the Ballas and eventually the police who were arriving to the scene of the gun fight.

Due to the amount of Ballas killed at the Scrapyard and the presence of the three Families members, the infamous hostility between the Ballas and the Families' reignites, forcing Stretch to try to make peace with the Ballas, which he puts the blame on Franklin and Lamar.

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