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For the cut weapons that were mean to be used in-game, see Beta Weapons.
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Cutscene Weapons are weapons models that are only meant to appear during cutscenes and are not intended to be used as in-game weapons.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Colt Python

The original PS2 model is still seen in the ending cutscene of Rub Out for the current version of the game.

Desert Eagle

The weapon appears during Supply & Demand, Rub Out, and The Shootist.

Pump Shotgun

The original PS2 model appears during The Fastest Boat.


It is a shortened version of the full-size MP5A3. The weapon only appears during In The Beginning...

Colt Model 723

The original PS2 model of the "M4", which was later replaced by a Colt Model 733. The Model 723 is still seen during In The Beginning..., Rub Out, and Keep Your Friends Close...


The original PS2 model of the M60E1 machine gun. The weapon appears during In The Beginning...

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Glock 17

In various cutscenes throughout the game, the Glock 17 9mm pistol is used instead of the in-game pistol. The weapon appears during "The Introduction" short film, In the Beginning, Ryder, The Green Sabre, First Base, Mike Toreno, Home Coming, and End of the Line.


The camera Pulaski hands to Carl in the final cutscene of The Green Sabre is a different model to the one obtainable in the game.


The shovel used by Tenpenny during High Noon is fully wooden, and is shorter than the one featured during normal gameplay. The same shovel appears during "The Introduction" short film.

Short knife

The shovel used by Catalina during First Date is smaller than the one featured during normal gameplay.


One of the agents can be seen holding an unobtainable dirty M16A2 during Stowaway.

Blue parachute

A different parachute can be seen in the Flight School demonstration video. It is smaller and blue. The same model was used during Home Coming and during Big Smoke's Cash sidemissions as a bag.

Throwing knife

The weapon appears only during Saint Mark's Bistro. It was modeled only for this cutscene.

Wooden bat

It is the same model seen in the two previous games with the details removed. The bat appears during Big Smoke and Running Dog.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories


A silver version of the M1911 pistol from previous games is seen in Crazy '69', replacing the Glock 17 normally seen during gameplay.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Beretta 92FS Inox

The silver Beretta 92FS Inox replaces the dark grey Beretta 92F for cutscenes. It is seen in Nice Package, The Mugshot Longshot, Burning Bridges, and Last Stand.

Non-scoped Equalizer

The GTA: Vice City Stories rendition of the Python is named "Equalizer" and features a scope, although this scope cannot be used. However, the cutscenes of the missions Caught as an Act, The Exchange, and Blitzkrieg Strikes Again feature a non-scoped Equalizer.


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