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Madd Dogg: "Man! That fake-ass Loc!"
CJ: "Loc? But he's terrible."
Madd Dogg: "Motherfucker! I knew there was something familiar 'bout those rhymes he was kickin'. They're from my rhyme book! That's my money! And those are my ho's! AND THAT'S MY VIDEO HE'S SHOOTIN' TODAY!"
CJ: "OK. I say we make a cameo appearence."
Madd Dogg finds out that OG Loc stole his rhyme book

Cut Throat Business is the final mission for Madd Dogg in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by him from his mansion in the Mulholland district of Los Santos, San Andreas.


Carl arrives at the mansion to find Madd Dogg back in the studio and ready to make his comeback. On TV, rival rapper OG Loc is holding a press conference and music video shoot. After listening carefully Madd Dogg realizes that the rhymes by OG Loc are actually from his rhyme book, which was stolen by Carl for OG Loc a long time ago. Carl and Madd Dogg both agree to drop-in unannounced and make a "cameo appearance" in the middle of Loc's video.

As the two arrive at the shoot, OG Loc is being interviewed. When he sees the two, he attempts to escape in a Vortex. Carl and Madd Dogg take the two other hovercrafts and give chase. In Verona Beach, Loc gets off his Vortex and switches to a go-kart. Carl and Madd Dogg again take the two other Go-Karts and continue chasing Loc through Los Santos. The chase comes to an end as Loc attempts to escape into the Blastin' Fools Records headquarters in Market. Madd Dogg and Carl confront Loc, who initially denies the theft but then attempts to buy their silence. Jimmy Silverman, one of the executives of the record company, overhears the conversation and offers to sign Madd Dogg to the record label and sue Loc. Loc is sent to go get them all some lunch; his career is now over. Madd Dogg takes back his rhyme book.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Take Madd Dogg to the video shoot
  • OG Loc's making a run for it, don't let him get away
  • Chase after OG Loc, don't lose him


The player is rewarded with respect upon completing this mission. If the mission Grove 4 Life for Sweet Johnson has been done, the next mission Riot will be unlocked, triggering the endgame portion of GTA San Andreas. Also, there will now be Vortex and Kart spawn points (although the Vortex will always be in Valle Ocultado and the Kart will be possible to use and can be taken during the race Go-Go Karting as long as Back to School, Yay Ka-Boom-Boom, Monster and Customs Fast Track are completed.)


While Madd Dogg watches a porn movie in the recording studio of his crib, Kent Paul is watching Maccer in the recording booth. Carl Johnson soon enters.
CJ: Hey, what's up, Dogg?
Madd Dogg: CJ, what's up, baby? Word.
Paul: Resist, sunshine, you can do it, for me, eh? Fucking Northeners... No, Maccer! Fight the urge, think of...Thatcher!
(Voice only):
(not in subtitles) ...last month's one-hit wonder...
Madd Dogg: You know it's my time again...
CJ: I know, dude. So what's holding you back?
Madd Dogg: Whoa, hold up, this his video? I gotta see this fool...
(Voice only):
(not in subtitles) We're going to be live on the set of OG Loc's...
CJ: Hey, man, you clean now, you got nothing to worry about.
(Voice only):
(not in subtitles) We're going to be hanging with the homies...
Madd Dogg: Man, that fake-ass Loc!
CJ: Loc? But he's terrible!
Madd Dogg: Motherfucker... I knew there was something familiar about those rhymes he was kicking. They're from my rhyme book! That's my money! And those are my 'hos! And that's my video he's shooting today!
CJ: Okay. I say we make a cameo appearance. Just drop in, unannounced.
Madd Dogg: Yeah, that's gangsta. C'mon.
While CJ and Madd Dogg are set to leave, Maccer touches himself.
Maccer: Thatcher, Thatcher...I love you, Maggie! I love you, Maggie!
Paul: Oh, Maccer!
Madd Dogg: Oh, man!
Paul: You ain't right in the head, mate.
CJ and Madd Dogg leave the crib.
CJ: Let's drop in on OG Loc, see if we can interrupt that video shoot and recoup some royalties!
Madd Dogg: And my rhyme book!
CJ and Madd Dogg get a vehicle and set out to OG Loc's filming location in Flint County.
Madd Dogg: We're flying in style, baby! You got all the makings of a great manager, Carl!
CJ: Save it until we're spending Loc's royalties!
Madd Dogg: Tell me how a fake, busta phony like suck-ass Loc could make it in the rap game, CJ?
CJ: Music business is changin', Dogg. It's all about dance routines and showmanship now. Any fake-ass idiot can get a record deal these days.
Madd Dogg: So what am I supposed to do?
CJ: Dogg, you got heart, you got natural style! You got ice cold gangstas running through your veins. Anybody can get a record deal, but only the genuine article can shake down the house!
Madd Dogg: CJ, my man, you're a natural manager!
CJ and Madd Dogg approach Loc being interviewed by SAN News.
CJ: He being interviewed, huh? Okay, let's smash this party up!
Madd Dogg: You fucking phonies! Sum' bitch!
Loc hears Madd Dogg's voice and attempts to escape on a hovercraft.
Madd Dogg: Gimme my rhyme book! Gimme back my chain! Gimme back my hoes!
CJ: He bustin' out! Come on, Dogg, let's get him!
CJ and Madd Dogg get into other hovercrafts and start chasing OG Loc, who's heading towards Santa Maria Beach.
OG Loc: S-stay away from me! I thought we were friends! You're yesterday's news! Kids want Loc! L-O-C!
CJ and Madd Dogg chase Loc until he reaches a dock in Verona Beach and ditches the hovercraft for a go-kart, with CJ and Madd Dogg doing the same. The chase now leads through Santa Maria Beach, Rodeo and Vinewood.
OG Loc: Madd Dogg ain't nothing! Madd Dogg, you're a drunk-ass busta! The kids, they don't want you no more! You're washed up - both of you! Smoke is gonna deal with you pussies!
The chase ends at the Blastin' Fools Records building in Market.
Madd Dogg: You phony!
OG Loc: (screams) Man, you can't prove nothing!
CJ: Hey, Jeffrey, you a buster, straight bitch, you stabbed me and my brother in the back.
OG Loc: Man, I'm an artiste! We all make mistakes, ain't that right, alkie?
Madd Dogg: You ain't no artist! You's a buster, you's a fake!
OG Loc: Man, I was going to give you credit on the next album! (grabs some money) Here, royalties! Take that, I got more, too!
Madd Dogg: Little bitch, I should smack dogshit out your ass, break your face right here, motherfucker!
Jimmy Silverman: Yeah, you phony! (laughs) Mr. Dogg, Jimmy Silverman, Blastin' Fools Records.
CJ: Hold up, I'm the manager. You want to talk, talk to me.
Jimmy Silverman: Oh, okay. Pleasure, gentlemen. Let's talk, alright? I need hits, I mean, hits! And what about this guy, this, uh...phony? I've got a good mind to sue his ass into next year.
OG Loc: Man, get off me, you drunk!
Loc drops Madd Dogg's rhyme book.
CJ: Hey, Loc, go get us some lunch.
OG Loc: You get lunch!
Loc reaches out to grab the rhyme book, but Dogg stops him.
Madd Dogg: 'Scuse me, gangsta, I don't think so!
OG Loc: Man, get outta here...
Madd Dogg pushes Loc and grabs his rhyme book.
OG Loc: Don't let him be pushing me! Don't be pushing me!

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  • It's highly likely this mission originally involved flying to OG Loc's shoot, as similar to Photo Opportunity, the dialogue is recorded with the characters yelling loudly, as if they were in a noisy aircraft. Madd Dogg also exclaims "We're flying in style," which might or might not be metaphorical. The BF Injection was likely inserted into the mission later as a suitably open-air vehicle so the shouting dialogue wouldn't be as out of place as in a normal car.
    • It's likely that the Sparrow that spawns at Madd Dogg's mansion would've been the aircraft used.
  • While CJ is chasing OG Loc, if he is far behind him, he'll drive slower; while being really close to him will make him drive faster, indicating that there is no way to get in front of him. This is known as rubberband AI, and is often seen throughout the Grand Theft Auto series, mostly in the HD Universe. Rubberband AI is scripted to a custom waypoint but in a different style - unlike the custom AI scripted on the competitors on the "Go-go karting" race in the race tournaments, the competitors don't drive faster when CJ is near them, and won't drive slower when they are far behind CJ.
  • If CJ takes the Sparrow that spawns on the roof of Madd Dogg's mansion and approaches OG Loc by skydiving towards him, the cutscene will play briefly before cutting short and showing CJ wasted, failing the mission.
  • Before the player brings Madd Dogg to the video shoot, OG Loc and the interviewer are immune to all kinds of damage.
  • If Madd Dogg falls into water during this mission, the mission will fail as he will drown like any normal NPC.
  • There is a glitch in the PS2 version where Madd Dogg won't enter the BF Injection. Getting another vehicle will counteract this glitch as he will enter said vehicle and follow the player, and the mission will continue normally.
  • The BF Injection the player gets in this mission has a unique red and black paint job. The player can save it by failing the mission, otherwise it's scripted not to disappear by the effect of a garage (which is essential to save a vehicle), even if it's destroyed.
    • Added to the above, the Newsvan that is seen at OG Loc's interview is a rare, all-white version that can only be obtained by failing the mission and dragging it to a safe house as it is locked otherwise. However, in the PC version, the Newsvan was somehow changed to be unlocked.
    • The Vortex that Loc, Carl and Madd Dogg obtain have unique paintjobs.
  • The walkway where Loc swaps vehicles is the same place where Madd Dogg's old manager is killed.
  • The early part of this mission takes CJ into Flint County. Although Carl is free to continue roaming the state after this point, this is the final mission that will take Carl outside Los Santos city limits.
  • The groove music playing in the opening of the cutscene is exactly the same one used for the Max Heat TV commercial in Max Payne 2.
  • The introductory cutscene has Madd Dogg recognize OG Loc's lyrics as being from his rhyme book. However, if one listens very closely, the lines Loc raps are actually some of the lines from Madd Dogg's Rhymes and House Party.
  • Upon completing this mission, OG Loc's clothing brand Loc-Down, which is for sale at the Victim clothes shop, drops in price significantly, reflecting his decline in popularity after the end of his career.[1]
  • If one of the Karts manage to disappear in the cutscene showing the three Karts in the second part of the chase (done through CLEO mods), Loc will still enter one of the Karts but CJ might be the only one to not get into a Kart, and Madd Dogg will be able to get into one.
  • This is the only mission which features the Kart. It is also featured in a non-mission that is only available for the Racing Tournament in San Fierro, the race "Go-go karting".
  • In the second part of the chase, if OG Loc gets away, the mission will fail and Madd Dogg's kart will go forward on itself, if Madd Dogg is close enough to CJ so the player will see it.