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I know a guy who knows a guy who handles freight containers down on the docks. He saw one of the containers was loading up cars and one was a match of a car on a customer's wishlist.
— Cesar to Carl in the opening cutscene.

Customs Fast Track is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Varrios Los Aztecas leader Cesar Vialpando from the garage in the Doherty district of San Fierro, San Andreas.


Cesar is told that another car on their wish list, a Jester, is being loaded onto a container at a ship down at the docks at Easter Basin; his contact has marked the container. Both Carl and Cesar head for the docks to go see it.

Once there, however, Carl learns that there are three freight containers on the ship, and all of them are unmarked. Using the dock crane, Carl lifts the containers down to the dock while Cesar cracks open each of them until they find the desired car (the other two containers contain a Club and a Perennial).

Once the car has been found, security appears. Carl kills three waves of security, and takes Cesar and the car back to the garage.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get in the car with Cesar
  • Drive to the docks
  • Get in the crane
  • Pick up a container with the crane
  • Move the container into position by rotating the crane
  • Pick up the other container with the crane
  • Place the container in position
  • Pick up the other container with the crane
  • Place the container in position
  • Take out the guards and protect Cesar
  • Get in the car with Cesar
  • Take Cesar and the car back to your garage


The rewards for this mission are increased respect and cash. The cash reward will depend on the condition of the car, with the maximum reward amount being $10,000. The mission Puncture Wounds is unlocked, as is the Exports and Imports side mission. A Savanna will now spawn on the second floor of the Wang Cars showroom.


Carl Johnson and Cesar Vialpando are inside the Doherty Garage, checking the engine of the Remington.
CJ: Yeah, I got it. It's in the manifold.
Cesar: Shit, I just changed that seal! Must have got a crimp in it, damn!
Kendl Johnson enters to greet Cesar.
Kendl: Hey, Ces, your boy is here.
Cesar checks outside the car.
Cesar: He ain't my boy.
Cesar gets out of the car and goes to talk to a man standing near the entrance of the garage.
Kendl: Hey, we're almost living normal life, huh. This is far from Grove Street, right?
CJ: Yeah, I know, I just can't get it out of the back of my mind. Moms, Sweet, Smoke - I can't just let that go.
Kendl: I know. So what we going to do about Sweet?
CJ: It's a shitty situation, but I've to let it play out a little longer. OK?
Kendl: OK, but be careful. We ain't trying to lose you again.
CJ: That's right, sis - good looking out.
Cesar comes back to talk to CJ.
Cesar: Hey, Carl, I gotta rap to you holmes. I know a guy who knows a guy who handles freight containers down on the docks. He saw one of the containers was loading up cars and one was a match of a car on a customer's wishlist. So, he marked the container with a spray can, but it might be too late. The ship's loading and it moves out tomorrow.
CJ: OK, let's go peep it out - see what we can see.
CJ and Cesar go outside, and get into Cesar's Savanna and drive off to Easter Basin.
Cesar: C'mon, ese, you can drive!
CJ: Don't I always?
Cesar: How we going to steal a car off a container ship, holmes?
CJ: You know, the same way they got on - use a dockside crane!
Cesar: Man, those things are real high up - I ain't too good with ladders and I'm afraid of heights!
CJ: OK, I'll use the crane. You better be ready to crack the container.
CJ and Cesar arrive near the ship and the crane.
Cesar: That's the ship, CJ!
CJ: OK, I'll go sort out the crane, gimme a second.
Cesar: Well, be quick, I don't wanna be caught sleeping out here!
CJ gets into the crane, only to find that all crates on the ship are unmarked.
CJ: Cesar, none of these is marked with spray paint!
Cesar: Well, we'll just have to try one at a time, eh!
CJ picks a container and drops it on the ground. Cesar opens it up, only to find a Club inside.
Cesar: Not this one, CJ!
CJ picks another container and drops it on the ground. Cesar opens that one, but finds the wrong car again, this time, a Perennial.
Cesar: No luck, CJ, try another!
CJ picks the last container and drops it on the ground. Cesar opens it up and finds the correct car inside - a Jester.
Cesar: Okay, CJ, this is the one! Good work, holmes!
Suddenly, some guards arrive in a Sentinel and start attacking Cesar.
Guard: Hey! What the fuck do you think you are doing?!
Cesar: CJ, I could do with some help!
CJ gets out of the crane and he and Cesar kill the guards. Some more guards arrive in a Sentinel.
Guard: Hey, hold it right there!
Cesar: I could do with a little help, CJ!
CJ and Cesar kill the guards. A third wave of guards arrives on foot.
Guard: Stay right there, you thieving bastard!
CJ and Cesar kill all the guards.
Cesar: Let's just get the car and get out of here!
CJ and Cesar get into the Jester and drive back to the Doherty Garage.
CJ: There gotta be an easier way of earning a living than this.
Cesar: Sure holmes, I guess. But what else are you qualified for?
CJ: Yeah, I feel you.
If CJ damages the car along the way...
Cesar: Hey, CJ, we get paid on the condition of the car, holmes! Be more careful!
CJ: Who's driving, me or you?
CJ and Cesar arrive at the Doherty Garage.
Cesar: *Hey holmes, that was fun, we should do that again!
  • That was like a piece of tortilla, holmes!

Video Walkthroughs


  • The Jester will usually be in the final container the player removes from the ship. In extremely rare occasions, it will be in the second or even the first container.
  • Unlike other vehicles stolen for the Wang Cars asset, the Jester will not appear in the showroom, with a Savanna appearing instead.
  • The Club, Perennial, and Jester, which were uncovered from the shipping containers during the mission, would later be available for purchase as basic importable vehicles on the import board.
  • This mission reveals that Cesar is scared of heights.
  • Even if the player has already finished the main storyline missions (or at least the mission Home Coming), Kendl will still have the same dialogue regarding Sweet being in prison. So, canonically, this mission happens before Sweet is released from jail.
  • If the mission is failed by dropping a car from too high, Cesar flees in the player's vehicle. If the vehicle is a bike, it gets double traction (~ handling) and if the back tire has been popped beforehand, he falls off and it can be obtained. This property is lost when parking it inside a garage but is kept if repaired at a Pay 'n' Spray as seen in this video.
  • The guy that comes at the beginning of the cutscene has a unique model, unlike most of the minor characters. He is actually a beta member of the Grove Street Families.
  • The security guards reuse the same bodyguard pedestrian wearing a dark blue jacket who appears in Madd Dogg's Rhymes, Management Issues and Toreno's Last Flight. Also, their voice in this mission is similar to the ones that maintain the airport gates and the guards in Dam and Blast.