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Curtis Weaver is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.


Weaver is the fourth and final Bail Bond target, wanted for assault on a police officer.

When Maude Eccles tracks him down, she enlists Trevor Philips to capture him. Trevor has to find him, and he is located in Dignity Village.

He can be found standing with other vagrants in Dignity Village; taking cover as soon as Trevor calls out to him is recommended, since he'll suddenly fire a few shots at the player with a Pistol before turning and running away. At that point, he can be subdued easily with one shot from a pistol or the Stun Gun. If the player wishes to kill him, they can do so with any weapon, such as a Sniper Rifle from a distance.

If captured alive, Curtis reveals that he has far-left political views and is an activist campaigning against capitalism, and despises the government and its stooges. He says that he was incarcerated after a sit-in protest outside The Exchange in Algonquin, Liberty City (maybe a reference to the Occupy Wall Street protest movement that started in New York City in 2011). Things went wrong at the demonstration and Curtis and the others turned on each other and supposedly fought, which led to him being imprisoned. He either escaped or he was released (it isn't known which), and traveled to San Andreas. When Trevor asks Curtis why he was arrested for a second time, he told him that he attended an anti-globalization rally and assaulted a cop with a fire extinguisher (it could be a reference to Carlo Giuliani and the real events of G8 in Genoa in 2001, where Calro tried to kill a Carabiniere with a fire extinguisher during a no-global protest). Since then, he has "made a conscious decision to reject capitalist society" by living at Dignity Village. When Curtis is taunting Trevor, he asks Trevor if his father loved him or not, an angry Trevor reveals that his father abandoned him in a shopping mall, which Trevor then burned down in retaliation. This causes him to threaten to kill Curtis who stops taunting him after seeing he went too far. If the player gets the attention of the cops while transporting him, he will remark "Surprise, here come the fascists!"

Maude's e-Mail

Me again. This old-timer's one of them crazy anti-establishment types, lives outside the system in some kind of hobo camp. Might look harmless but watch yourself, he's got a couple of screws loose alright.
— Maude



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