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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.
Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

OK, so the Leones are fighting wars on two fronts. They're in a turf with the Triads with no sign of either side giving up. Meanwhile Joey Leone has stirred up some bad blood with the Forellis. Every day they're losing men and influence in the city. Salvatore is becoming dangerous and paranoid. He suspects everybody and everything.
— Curly Bob to Miguel and Catalina

"Curly" Bob is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto III.

He is voiced by Hunter Platin.



Curly Bob worked as a bartender at Luigi's Sex Club 7, managed by Luigi Goterelli and Mickey Hamfists. When speaking, he would often sniff between sentences.

Events of Grand Theft Auto III[]

In the mission Cutting the Grass, Salvatore Leone, the leader of the Leone Family, suspected that he was telling the rival gang Colombian Cartel about plans of the Leones in exchange for SPANK, a drug produced by the Cartel (which Curly Bob is addicted to). He ordered Claude to follow Curly Bob in order to find out if this was in fact happening and eventually kill him if that was the case, which Claude does after observing him giving information to Catalina and Miguel in the Portland Harbor.

Mission Appearances[]

Grand Theft Auto III[]



  • Salvatore mentions in the opening cutscene that Curly Bob seems to have more money than he earns at work and claims that he gets it by ratting out the Leones; however, Curly Bob is shown to get paid in SPANK, so it is unknown where the extra money could be coming from.
  • Curly Bob's model in the anniversary edition is glitched as his textures aren't mapped properly to his head. This is because the anniversary edition uses a pedestrian skeletal system different from the one in the PS2 and PC versions of the game (being the same one as in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City) and it requires the textures to be remapped or edited to work properly. Furthermore, his body distorts when he dies.[1]


  1. Screenshot
    CurlyBob-GTAIII-Anniversary Edition bug


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