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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
For a complete list of the features of the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC version of Grand Theft Auto Online, please see here.

Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit is a content update for Grand Theft Auto Online, released on March 14, 2017.


The next Title Update, coming in March will introduce an all-new style of Stunt Races specifically designed to the extraordinary abilities of GTA Online Special Vehicles: the Rocket Voltic, the Ruiner 2000 and the Blazer Aqua. Each set of Races will play to the super powers of its respective vehicle so expect to launch across massive gaps at rocket-fueled speed in Rocket Voltic Races, seamlessly shred through land and sea in the Blazer Aqua, and free-fall into vehicular base jump style Races with the Ruiner 2000.

Creators will also get the chance to craft their own Races for these vehicles, so expect loads of insane Voltic, Ruiner and Blazer mayhem from the community this spring.
— Rockstar Newswire.

The update expands upon both the Import/Export and Cunning Stunts content, adding new Special Vehicle-based stunt races, designed specifically for the Ruiner 2000, Rocket Voltic and Blazer Aqua. A creator for these races was also be added in the update, alongside 20 Rockstar-made stunt races. Also, a high-end supercar, an open-top sports car, and two classic cars became available for purchase.



Race Vehicle
Beach Party Blazer Aqua
Into the Dam
Island Hopping
Storm Drain
Surf and Turf
Water Slide
Ascent Rocket Voltic
The Loop
Zebra II
Criss Cross Ruiner 2000
Drop Ship
Night Ride
Tube Rider


  • The update initially included one new vehicle with three additional vehicles unlocked in weekly content updates.
Image Name Description
Available to purchase immediately
Progen GP1 A supercar similar in design to the Tyrus, taking influence from the McLaren F1 LM and Mosler MT900.
Unlocked after Event Weeks Event Week
Hijak Ruston A sports car based on the Vuhl 05. Ruston Week
March 21, 2017
Pegassi Infernus Classic A classic return of the 3D Universe rendition of the Infernus. Primarily based on the Lamborghini Diablo. Infernus Classic Week
March 28, 2017
Grotti Turismo Classic A classic return of the 3D Universe rendition of the Turismo. Based on the Ferrari F40. Turismo Classic Week
April 4, 2017


  • Multiple Special Vehicles became available in the Stunt Race Creator.
  • Rank-required vehicles are no longer locked by rank requirements.
  • Heist vehicles can now be purchased without completing the necessary heist, albeit for a 33% higher cost, in a similar manner to SecuroServ's Special Vehicles.
  • All heist equipment that was restricted based on heist completion no longer has unlock requirements.
  • Time Trials now updated every Tuesday rather than Monday.
  • A "No Livery" option is available in races for vehicles such as the Tyrus and RE-7B.
  • Prop colors can now be changed in the creator.
  • Ruiner 2000 parachute options now available in Special Vehicle Races.
  • Stunt Series triggers reduced from 8 to 3.
  • Three new Special Race Series triggers have been added to GTA Online. These use the same functionality as the Stunt Series triggers added with Cunning Stunts but feature the new Special Races.
  • Changes made to Dynasty8realestate website regarding Office Garages.
  • Aggregate Position option available in race setups. When active, every player in the race is presented with a bar that fills at different speeds depending on which position the player is in. When this option is enabled in a Lap Race, the Race ends when one player has completely filled their bar; in a Point to Point Race, the player with the most filled bar at the end of the Race is the winner.


  • Elegy Retro Custom now fitted with right-hand side door handle.
  • Blazer Aqua is no longer forced into third-person upon entering water/riding on water.
  • Comet Retro Custom's light settings changed from ID 70 to ID 114.
    • Light ID 144, named "comet3", has been added, fixing the taillight corona issues.
  • Blazer Aqua cannons' tracer effects have been changed from MG bullet tracers to Vehicle MG bullet tracers.
  • Itali GTB Custom's Primary Touring Diffuser, Secondary Touring Diffuser and Carbon Touring Diffuser turns off misc_p bones.
    • Originally bumper_r bones were turned off which resulted in a glitchy behavior.
  • Ramp Buggy (spoiler-less) bonnet camera name changed from VEHICLE_BONNET_CAMERA_LOW to DEFAULT_POV_CAMERA_NO_REVERSE.
  • Phantom Wedge camera name changed from FOLLOW_ARTIC_CAMERA to FOLLOW_PHANTOM2_CAMERA.
  • Phantom Wedge aim camera name changed from ARTIC_AIM_CAMERA to PHANTOM2_AIM_CAMERA.
  • Rocket Voltic camera name changed from DEFAULT_FOLLOW_VEHICLE_CAMERA to FOLLOW_VOLTIC2_CAMERA.
  • Comet Retro Custom plate type changed from VPT_NONE to VPT_BACK_PLATES.
  • Import/Export Vehicle MG weapon effects (weap_ie_vehicle_mg) have changed.
  • DrawableStore pool size value changed from 62,100 to 62,500.
  • DwdStore pool size value changed from 14,050 to 14,500.
  • FragmentStore pool size value changed from 10,900 to 11,500.
  • CPickupPlacementCustomScriptData pool size value changed from 60 to 70.
  • TxdStore pool size value changed from 45,400 to 48,500.
  • VehicleStreamRequest pool size value changed from 55 to 60.
  • VehicleStreamRender pool size value changed from 55 to 60.
  • HandlingData pool size value changed from 840 to 900.
  • CEvent pool size value changed from 800 to 850.
  • MaxExtraVehicleModelInfos value changed from 200 to 250.
  • ArchiveCount value changed from 2,392 to 2,648.
  • Multiplayer (Freemode) size of stack changed from 38,000 to 39,500.
  • Multiplayer (Launch Script) size of stack changed from 21,000 to 21,512.
  • IMP_EXP_SELL_MISSION_CD is now a Server Authoritative statistic with a flush priority of 15.
  • 32 new statistics have been added. It is unknown what they track.
    • Uses the standard health pack model.
    • Can be picked up while in a car or a boat.
  • 1824 new lines added to scriptmetadata.meta.
  • Scaleform movie "heist_mp" has been removed.
  • instructional_buttons movie peak size has changed from 1,104 to 1,120.
  • pause_menu_instructional_buttons movie peak size has changed from 1,136 to 1,152.
  • minimap movie peak size has changed from 4,800 to 4,928.
  • mp_gamer_info movie peak size has changed from 3,088 to 3,120.
  • web_browser movie peak size has changed from 8,640 to 9,056.
  • biker_businesses movie peak size has changed from 2,496 to 2,512.
  • Three new Scaleform movies have been added
    • hum_pac_desktopbank
      • Unknown. No Scaleform file has been found in the game files.
    • blimp_text
      • Text elements on a Xero Blimp prop during Special Stunt Races.
    • power_play_special_races
      • HUD elements for an upcoming Adversary Mode.
  • New Timecycles:
    • TinyPink01, TinyPink02, TinyGreen01, TinyGreen02, BleepYellow01, BleepYellow02, TinyRacerMoBlur
      • Used in upcoming Adversary Mode "Tiny Racers".
    • VolticGold
      • Golden flash effect when using Rocket Voltic's boost.
  • New HUD colors
  • Unknown changes to clip_sets.ymt.
  • Unknown changes to animpostfx.ymt.
  • Unknown changes to cameras.ymt.
  • has been changed to support the "Buy Now" function for Heist vehicles.
  • has been changed to support the "Buy Now" function for Heist vehicles.
  • has been changed to support the "Buy Now" function for Heist vehicles.
  • has been changed.
  • has been changed to support the "Buy Now" function for Heist vehicles.
  • 13 new Radar Blips
    • SteeringWheel-Blip-GTAO.png radar_steeringwheel, Trophy-Blip-GTAO.png radar_trophy, RocketBoostPickup-Blip-GTAO.png radar_pickup_rocket_boost, HomingRocketPickup-Blip-GTAO.png radar_pickup_homing_rocket, MachinegunPickup-Blip-GTAO.png radar_pickup_machinegun, ParachutePickup-Blip-GTAO.png radar_pickup_parachute, Time5Pickup-Blip-GTAO.png radar_pickup_time_5, Time10Pickup-Blip-GTAO.png radar_pickup_time_10, Time15Pickup-Blip-GTAO.png radar_pickup_time_15, Time20Pickup-Blip-GTAO.png radar_pickup_time_20, Time30Pickup-Blip-GTAO.png radar_pickup_time_30, Supplies-Blip-GTAO.png radar_supplies, BunkerProperty-Blip-GTAO.png radar_property_bunker
  • Secondary Checkpoints are now yellow like their primary variants.
    • Believed to remove ambiguity between normal secondaries and checkpoints with unsafe spawns (e.g. cars in air, boats on land, planes underwater...) in the Content Creator for upcoming Transform Races.

Discounts and Bonuses

Main article: Ruston Week

Main article: Ruston Week

Main article: Infernus Classic Week

Main article: Turismo Classic Week

Main article: Turismo Classic Week
  • Double GTA$ & RP in the Resurrection Adversary Mode.
  • Double GTA$ & RP in Rockstar-Created Stunt Races in the Stunt Race Series.
  • 25% discounts on selected vehicles:
  • 25% discounts on selected vehicle upgrades:
    • Bulletproof Tyres
    • Suspension
    • Resprays
  • 25% discounts on selected properties:
  • 25% discounts on selected items:
    • Ammo

Main article: Land Grab Week

Main article: Duke O'Death Week

Main article: Duke O'Death Week
  • 50% off for all Weed Businesses.
  • 50% off for all upgrades to Weed Businesses.
  • 50% bonus payout for Weed Business sales.
  • 50% off Green Tire Smoke.

Main article: Tiny Racers Week
  • Players that logged on between April 25, 2017 and April 30, 2017 are eligible for a $425,000 tax refund, compliments of the San Andreas State Treasury Department.
  • The Adversary Mode, Tiny Racers, became available to play.
  • Double GTA$ and RP for the Tiny Racers Adversary Mode.
  • Continued bonuses and discounts from the Duke O'Death Week.
  • Premium Race and Time Trial schedule:


Pre-release Screenshots



  • The song playing in the official trailer is Plush (Jacques Lu Cont Remix) by Tiga. The song also plays on Soulwax FM.
  • The Rocket Voltic in the update's trailer features an engine sound numerous times during the trailer, despite being a completely electric (and thus silent) vehicle, with the exception of the rocket sound.