Crystal is an unseen charcter in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Crystal is a hooker who won the last season of America's Next Top Hooker, a TV show in GTA IV.

She is only mentioned on a radio commercial, where she seemed very excited to win, while gaining jealous hookers as her enemies.


Though spelled on the Grand Theft Auto Wiki, "Crystal", as her name is referred to in Grand Theft Auto IV, the unknown voice actor sounds similar to the voice of Amanda (Vicki Van Tassel), and Amanda's former stripper and hinted prostitute name as listed on her license plate, "Krystal" hints she may have been the former winner on America's Next Top Hooker. However Amanda being in the witness protection plan during 2008, the year Grand Theft Auto IV occurs, contradicts with that. However it is very possible Rockstar Games gave Amanda the name Krystal, as a nod to Grand Theft Auto Iv's in game radio show, "America's Next Top Hooker."


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