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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
For a complete list of the features of the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC version of Grand Theft Auto Online, please see here.
For the GTA Online content update, see GTA Online: The Criminal Enterprises.

The Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack is a paid starter pack added to Grand Theft Auto Online.


The DLC was made available on PlayStation Store, Xbox Live, and Steam without prior announcement on December 14th, 2017.

The DLC provides new players to GTA Online with a subset of previous DLC features to get them off to a start as an alternative to purchasing Shark Cards and making individual purchases in game.

The content provided is not resellable once in game, although vehicles can still be sold they will only return a proportion of any custom modifications applied. [1]

The pack was also sold bundled with the retail Grand Theft Auto V as the Premium Online Edition starting from April 20, 2018.

Update Content

$1,000,000 bonus cash in the bank.

Description Cheapest Available Value GTA$
Executive Office Maze Bank West $1,000,000
Gunrunning Bunker Paleto Forest $1,165,000
Counterfeit Cash Factory Grand Senora Desert $845,000
Biker Clubhouse Great Chapparal $200,000
Apartment (low-end 2-car) 1561 San Vitus St $99,000
10 Car Garage 1337 Exceptionalists Way $112,500
Subtotal Value $3,421,500
Dune FAV $1,130,500
Maibatsu Frogger $1,300,000
Enus Windsor $845,000
Obey Omnis $701,000
Coquette Classic $665,000
Grotti Turismo R $500,000
Pegassi Vortex $356,000
Enus Huntley S $195,000
Western Zombie Chopper $122,000
Bravado Banshee $105,000
Subtotal Value $5,919,500
Weapons and more
Compact Grenade Launcher $45,000
Marksman Rifle $15,750
Compact Rifle $14,650
31 outfits and 61 tattoos
  • Racing Suits[2]
  • Biker Suits[3]
  • Stuntman Suits[4]
  • Import/Export outfits[5]
  • Biker tattoos[6]
Subtotal Value $2,704,385
Total Asset Value $12,045,385
Total Value including Cash Bonus $13,045,385


Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack content is available and can be acquired for free. Visit the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack section in the Online tab of the pause menu for more details.
Look out for the following icon (pictured) on websites, this icon displays for free items included as part of the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack.
The following Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack content can be acquired for free:

(Bullet point lists under Properties, Vehicles, Weapons, and Character Customization)
— Social Club

In-game, the Pause Menu has a Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack menu under the Online section where the player can view all the content available. Hotlinks enable the player to navigate directly to the in-game websites to make their purchases. Each item will be marked with a small checkmark if they are currently owned by that character. Vehicles that can be re-sold in-game (with $0 return for the base price) will be able to be re-purchased for free as many times as desired.

The $1,000,000 will be in the player's bank account and is shared between both character slots.

Website items that are part of the package will be marked with a CESP-GTAO-FreeIcon.png on the map and on their image, while clothing outfits and tattoos will just be marked as FREE in their purchase menus.

As all items are free to purchase by both character 1 and character 2 in-game, the total asset value is effectively doubled.

New Characters

Upon creation of a new character, the player may be given the option of whether to skip the tutorial. If this is selected, the player can immediately start purchasing the content from online websites at Rank 1 without waiting for the usual unlock requirements (e.g. Rank 5 is normally required to purchase property).

If the player elected to go through the tutorial jobs, they will need to proceed through the normal ranking progress and NPC phone calls before being able to make the respective purchases.

Existing Characters

Once the DLC is linked to the player's Social Club account, all of the items and properties listed change from their default prices to become free instead. However, that does not mean that the player will be refunded for any of the unsellable content, such as clothes or weapons that they've already purchased before the DLC was applied.


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  1. The vehicles included with the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack have no trade-in value. Any vehicle acquired for free will not have any in-game trade-in value. If free vehicles are modded, they will return the standard value based on the current in-game mod pricing. Any vehicles owned prior to purchasing the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack can be sold as normal, but vehicles repurchased for free will not have a trade-in value.
    Selling Vehicles from the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack - Rockstar Games Support

    • Navy Racing Suit: $93,604
    • Gray Racing Suit: $95,986
    • Red Racing Suit: $100,144
    • Black Racing Suit: $105,930
    • Green Racing Suit: $91,872
    • White Racing Suit: $98,758
    Subtotal value: $586,294

    • Green Biker Suit: $71,500
    • Red Biker Suit: $86,245
    • Italian Biker Suit: $73,997
    • Black Biker Suit: $87,939
    • French Biker Suit: $78,991
    • Yellow Biker Suit: $76,494
    • Pink Biker Suit: $77,742
    • Blue Biker Suit: $72,748
    Subtotal value: $625,656

    • White Stuntman Suit: $71,714
    • Blue Stuntman Suit: $81,015
    • Red Stuntman Suit: $83,952
    • Black Stuntman Suit: $98,999
    • Pink Stuntman Suit: $96,250
    • Gold Stuntman Suit: $132,000
    • Silver Stuntman Suit: $93,500
    Subtotal value: $657,430

    • The Plain Sight: $18,628
    • The Smolder: $18,721
    • The Dealership: $24,254
    • The Bigness: $22,274
    • The New Skool: $15,360
    • The Hip-Hop: $11,114
    • The Gunshow: $11,356
    • The Patchwork: $11,368
    • The Puff: $18,891
    • The Anorak: $16,059
    Subtotal value: $168,025

    • Ride Forever: $6,850
    • Brothers For Life: $9,810
    • Flaming Reaper: $13,700
    • Clawed Beast: $15,650
    • R.I.P. My Brothers: $12,350
    • Freedom Wheels: $8,785
    • Chopper Freedom: $10,400
    • We Are The Mods!: $7,105
    • Faggio: $6,395
    • Reaper Vulture: $7,985
    • Unforgiven: $8,720
    • No Regrets: $8,320
    • Brotherhood of Bikes: $9,975
    • Western Eagle: $7,655
    • Bone Wrench: $9,630
    • American Dream: $11,000
    • Western MC: $10,000
    • Gruesome Talons: $9,900
    • Skeletal Chopper: $7,650
    • Demon Crossbones: $11,140
    • Made In America: $9,230
    • Both Barrels: $10,800
    • Demon Rider: $6,720
    • Biker Mount: $9,135
    • Gas Guzzler: $10,950
    • Gear Head: $8,600
    • Skull Of Taurus: $11,350
    • Web Rider: $10,850
    • Western Stylized: $4,125
    • FTW: $3,900
    • Morbid Arachnid: $6,350
    • Poison Scorpion: $10,995
    • Muffer Helmet: $8,400
    • Ride Hard Die Fast: $6,320
    • Chain Fist: $5,780
    • Good Luck: $12,950
    • Live to Ride: $15,320
    • Cranial Rose: $9,745
    • Macabre Tree: $9,000
    • Urban Stunter: $4,985
    • Mum: $10,450
    • These Colors Don't Run: $8,790
    • Snake Bike: $13,500
    • Skull Chain: $4,985
    • Grim Rider: $7,865
    • Eagle Emblem: $4,385
    • Lady Mortality: $8,300
    • Swooping Eagle: $5,100
    • Laughing Skull: $13,865
    • Bone Cruiser: $14,960
    • Ride Free: $11,900
    • Scorched Soul: $12,495
    • Engulfed Skull: $9,300
    • Bad Luck: $6,960
    • Ride or Die: $8,975
    • Rose Tribute: $16,820
    • STFU: $8,930
    • American Made: $13,620
    • Dusk Rider: $14,520
    • Western Insignia: $9,385
    • Dragon's Fury: $17,950
    Subtotal value: $591,580
  2. The vehicle pictured is the Windsor Drop, which is not included in the pack.