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Faustin: "So, Niko Bellic. You think it's okay to kill my employees?"
Niko: "If he is an asshole, yes."
Faustin: "I agree!"
Mikhail Faustin and Niko Bellic, before the former kills Andrei

Crime and Punishment is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV, where Niko and Roman are interrogated for the murder of Vladimir Glebov.


Roman is scared because Niko killed Vlad, and tells Niko during a frantic phone call to meet him on Tulsa Street. Niko arrives to find Roman hiding inside a dumpster, who tells him that they are being followed because Niko killed Vlad. Niko dismisses Roman and says that all they care about is making money. A man appears from behind Niko and knocks him out with the butt of an AK-47 rifle, while ordering Roman out of the dumpster.

When Niko regains consciousness, he wakes up tied to a chair in the basement of Mikhail Faustin's house. He sees Dimitri Rascalov with the man who knocked him out. Niko is smacked by Dimitri and told to wake up. Roman is tied up and gagged because he wouldn't stop screaming. Dimitri says that Andrei shouldn't have brought them here.

Niko is being interrogated by Andrei, asking him who he works for. He says for his cousin, Roman. However, Andrei says that isn't good enough and resorts to threatening to cutting off his arm with a tiny hacksaw if he doesn't speak. Niko gives a cheeky remark, to which Andrei responds by hitting him in the temple with the tip of the saw and slapping him with it for laughing.

Soon, Faustin enters the basement with a pistol, angrily telling them to "Shut the fuck up" because of the noise and that his wife is watching television. He asks what Andrei is doing. Andrei hesitantly says that he's finding out who he is. Faustin asks who he is and he responds that he's Roman's cousin. Faustin isn't happy with such little information yet so much noise. He asks Dimitri where he found him, and he states that he was a friend of his sergeant in Vladivostok. Faustin calls him an imbecile. He seems to not care about Vlad’s death and agrees with Niko that Vlad was a nobody, and that he only keeps him around because he sleeps with Vlad's sister.

Mikhail then shoots Andrei in the head for apparently looking at him disrespectfully, but spares Niko on the condition that he starts working for him. Niko’s first task is to steal a van full of television sets so he can make a sale. Once the gag is removed, Roman starts screaming for help so Mikhail shoots him in the stomach to quieten him down. Dimitri unties Niko and tells him to steal a police car.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission, the player must:

  • Find a cop car.
  • Find and pull over the vans before they reach their destinations.
  • Stay close to the van to make it pull over.
  • Park up and approach the driver's window.
  • Steal the van.
  • Drive to the lockup.


The player needs to find a police car, one will always appear just up the road, just make sure to wait for the police officer to go away, so the player can steal the car without receiving a wanted level. Niko will call Dimitri once he's inside the car and Dimitri informs Niko that the van is driving around South Broker but doesn't know where exactly it is. Niko is forced to pull over three random vans and ask the driver if they have any TVs. The target van is spontaneous, so the player can never be sure which one of the three is the right one. Once Niko finally finds the van that is carrying the TVs, one of the occupants will pull out a pistol and shoot at him. Make sure to kill the goon before stealing the van. Drive the van to the lockup on Dukes Drive in East Island City to complete the mission.


  • The mission Do You Have Protection? and the side missions Most Wanted and Vigilante are unlocked.
  • Roman will call Niko to tell him that he is all stitched up and asks Niko if he could pick up some adult diapers for him.


This section/page depicts all cutscenes and dialogues in the mission "Crime and Punishment" in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Roman Bellic calls Niko Bellic.
Roman Bellic: Niko, Niko. Are you there cousin?
Niko Bellic: Roman, I'm here. What are you doing? Why do you whisper?
Roman Bellic: I am on Tulsa Street, near Perestroika. Come Niko, quick.
Call ends.
Niko Bellic meets Roman Bellic outside the club. Andrei then knock out Niko Bellic, and orders Roman Bellic to follow him.
Niko Bellic: Where are you, Roman?
Roman Bellic: Psst, Niko!
Niko Bellic: Roman! What are you doing in the dumpster, man?
Roman Bellic: Are they there?
Niko Bellic: What are you talking about... get out of there, man.
Roman Bellic: I'm freaking out, man. I'm being followed... I saw them...
Niko Bellic: Don't be ridiculous. You're being paranoid.
Roman Bellic: I'm being? Fuck you. Fuck you... everything was fine, and then you showed up... and now we're dead... because Faustin is a psychopath... he's going to kill us... because we killed Vlad. Vlad was his man... that's how it works... you kill their guy, they kill you!
Niko Bellic: Roman, get out of there, man. Listen to me, Vlad was a piece of trash. They don't care about him. All they care about is making money. So, we say we work for them. Now get out of there, you smell like cabbage.
Roman Bellic: I don't want to, man. I'm shitting myself.
Andrei: Get out of the dumpster, Mr. fat man. Come on, fatty, the boss wants a little chat.
Niko Bellic regains consciousness in the basement of a mansion. Mikhail Faustin then enters the basement due to the noise, and kills Andrei for disrespecting Mikhail Faustin. Roman Bellic started screaming when his gag was off, and was shot by Mikhail Faustin. Mikhail Faustin then orders Niko Bellic to do a job, while Dimitri Rascalov took care of Roman Bellic.
Dimitri Rascalov: Wake up. We had to gag him, to stop the screaming. You shouldn't have brought them here, Andrei.
Andrei: Why not? You've been a bad boy, Mr. Balkan... and the boss is not happy.
Niko Bellic: Oh no! I shit my pants!
Andrei: Not yet, but you will. Who are you working for?
Niko Bellic: Errr, my cousin, Roman. Don't be an idiot.
Andrei: That's not good enough. I'm going to saw off your fucking arm. Speak!
Niko Bellic: Okay, okay, your dad likes it up the ass... what do you want me to say, huh?
Andrei: Very funny... do you think you're so smart?
Niko Bellic: No. I'm tied up in a basement a long way from home, while some ape threatens me with a hacksaw, so no, I'm not that smart.
Mikhail Faustin: Shut the fuck up. My fucking wife is watching television. Good Lord... what are you doing?
Andrei: Nothing... I mean... I was finding out who he is...
Mikhail Faustin: And? Who is he?
Andrei: He is... his cousin.
Mikhail Faustin: You were about to cut up some guy in my house, making all that noise, to find out he is his cousin? Where do you find this idiot?
Dimitri Rascalov: He was a friend of your sergeant, when we were in Vladivostok.
Mikhail Faustin: He's an imbecile. So, Niko Bellic. You think it's okay to kill my employees?
Niko Bellic: If he is an asshole, yes.
Mikhail Faustin: I agree.
Dimitri Rascalov: Mikhail!
Mikhail Faustin: Asshole look at me like I am piece of shit.
Dimitri Rascalov: Oh my god.
Mikhail Faustin: Now listen... Niko Bellic. You are very lucky Vlad was an idiot. The only reason I keep him around is because I fuck his sister. Look at me. You owe me. I got some dickheads in my neighborhood trying to run a shipment, yeah?
Dimitri Rascalov: And we've found a buyer for the TVs.
Mikhail Faustin: Yes, a buyer, but you've got to get them for us so we can make the sale.
Niko Bellic: Can you untie Roman?
Dimitri Rascalov: Yes.
Roman Bellic: Help! Help me!
Niko Bellic: Shut up Roman.
Mikhail Faustin: Shut up!
Roman Bellic: Help me! Help!
Niko Bellic: Roman shut up.
Mikhail Faustin: Shut him up!
Dimitri Rascalov: What do you want me to do?
Niko Bellic: Shut up Roman!
Mikhail Faustin: Shut the fuck up!
Dimitri Rascalov: He's just screaming that's it!
Niko Bellic: Roman, shut up!
Dimitri Rasclov: I can't make him shut up!
Niko Bellic: Fuck!
Dimitri Rascalov: Mikhail!
Mikhail Faustin: Shut up!
Dimitri Rascalov: Stop shooting people, you maniac!
Mikhail Faustin: My wife don't like when people shout!
Dimitri Rascalov: Whatever! You better get those screens soon.
Mikhail Faustin: Or I will personally pull your cousin's stitches out, one by one, and watch his guts spill onto the floor. Clean this shit up!
Dimitri Rascalov: Listen, we'll take care of your cousin, but you better get a police car, and then you call me.
Niko Bellic: Roman. Roman!
Dimitri Rascalov: Go, go, go. I... I'll take care of him. Fuck!
Niko Bellic enters a police car and calls Dimitri Rascalov.
Niko Bellic: I have the police car, what now?
Dimitri Rascalov: The van is driving around South Broker. Pull it over, take it to our lockup on Dukes Drive.
Niko Bellic: Be more specific. How many vans you think there are in South Broker?
Dimitri Rascalov: That is a problem for you and your cousin, not me. Keep pulling vans over until you find the TVs. Goodbye.
Call ends.
Niko Bellic finds the van with the TVs, and enters the van. (First Possible Dialogue)
Niko Bellic: Get the fuck out of here.
Van Driver: I wouldn't do this, Kenny Petrovic is looking after this truck.
Niko Bellic: Are you carrying a shipment of TVs?
Van Driver: This is a big screw up. Motherfucker.
Niko Bellic finds the van with the TVs, and enters the van. (Second Possible Dialogue)
Niko Bellic: Come out and don't try nothing. What you got back there, TVs? Show me.
Van Driver: Big fucking mistake. I ain't losing this.
Niko Bellic finds the van with the TVs, and enters the van. (Third Possible Dialogue)
Niko Bellic: Get out with no funny business.
Van Driver: You're making a mistake, we paying protection money to Kenny Petrovic. You ain't taking these. You gonna be sorry. Wrong move, asshole. I'm dead if I lose this shipment.
Niko Bellic delivers the van to the lockup.
Niko Bellic calls Dimitri Rascalov.
Niko Bellic: I've left the van where you say. How's Roman?
Dimitri Rascalov: He's ok. A little scared, but ok. You did good. Mikhail needs someone like you. Stop by and see him sometime.
Call ends.
Roman Bellic calls Niko Bellic.
Roman Bellic: Niko, hello.
Niko Bellic: Roman, are you alright?
Roman Bellic: I was just shot in the stomach and then stitched up in a doctor's office that was dirtier than the basement we were nearly tortured in. I'm great.
Niko Bellic: You sound calm, actually.
Roman Bellic: That Dimitri guy gave me some painkillers, I'm kind of out of it. If you're near a shop can you pick up some adult diapers for me? See you later, Niko.
Call ends.
The content of the van wasn't checked.
Niko Bellic calls Dimitri Rascalov.
Niko Bellic: Dimitri, I couldn't get you that shipment.
Dimitri Rascalov: Mikhail does not tolerate failure. I hope your cousin is not nearby when I tell him this.

Video Walkthrough


GTA 4 - Mission 14 - Crime and Punishment (1080p)



  • The events of The Lost and Damned begin during this mission.
  • Even though the cop who gets out of the police cruiser at the end of the street runs as if he is responding to a crime, when he gets to the backyard of the house, he will stop running and begin walking like a normal cop on foot.
  • All three vans will be driving in circles around South Broker in a clockwise pattern.
  • No matter which van Niko pulls over first, the van will never contain the flat screens.
  • After Niko pulls over the vans that do not contain the TVs and lets them drive away, if the player follows their van, they can notice that the driver of the van will change completely. When Niko pulls the vans over at first, the drivers will be overweight African American men, after he drives away he will become an entirely different NPC with different clothes. In order to see this in action the player will need to let the vans gain a little bit of distance and then perform a carjack on the van. It is unknown why this occurs, but is likely a developer oversight.
  • The flatscreens in the back of the vans are manufactured by Schmidt & Priss.
  • The mission's name is a reference to Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel Crime and Punishment.
  • The driver of the desired van with the TV's may say "You're making a mistake. We're paying protection money to Kenny Petrovic."
  • If the player parks the van with the TVs in a parking space and reloads the game, the TVs will disappear.
  • While in the van with the TVs Niko will not be able to pick up prostitutes.
  • If the player pulls out the target van (two people in it) and shoot at the driver and the passenger before going close to the window, they will fail the mission, claiming that the van wasn't checked up.